Www.in.gov/fssa – Apply for SNAP Benefits Online

Www.in.gov/fssa – Apply for SNAP Benefits Online

Get the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits that you are entitled to on www.in.gov/fssa.  The SNAP program has been created to help those in need, specifically low income individuals and lower income families.  The best part is that you get your benefits on a card that you can use like an ATM.  Also, you might be surprised to learn that SNAP is not considered welfare assistance.  The program helps people get the nutritious foods they need to survive and thrive.  In fact, you can learn more about the program from the Division of Family Resources.  This program is also referred to as DFR. In fact, you can gain an application for SNAP from this local office.   There is usually a time period that you have to wait to get your decision on whether you will receive SNAP benefits.  There are specific case where you might qualify for expedited adjudication of your application.  If that applies to you, you could potentially have benefits in about seven days.  That judgment on whether to rush your request is based on what all you tell them at the time you apply for SNAP benefits. To save a trip to the office, you can always use the internet online application.

It is great to know that Indiana offices will handle and expedite your service in an emergency.  To learn more, you should visit the official Indiana SNAP page www.in.gov/fssa.  But be aware, according to the site, you won’t receive benefits on the same day you make an application.  There are even special criterial that you need to establish to be eligible for the emergency food stamps benefits. For example,it appears that monthly income can not exceed $149.   It also appears you have other conditions related to how much resources in liquid form you can have.  Finally, other parameters have been put in place regarding mortgage / rent.

The SNAP program is supported by Family and Social Services Administration.  I remember living on food stamps as a child.  We never really truly understood their implication as kids.  We knew we didn’t have a lot of money and our mother and father explained to us that we had to conserve.  Because mom had a disability, she could not work and there were not resources in place like there are today to help.  She did her best trying to raise us, but I remember her studying the food stamps at the store many times.  I was too young to realize that she was trying to figure out what she could purchase and what she couldn’t.  Also, she was trying to determine how much food she could get to feed us.  I always wanted sugary snacks, but we never did get those.  I was always told they were bad for us like other moms told there kids.  However, I never thought much of it.  But later, I realized she couldn’t afford to buy that for us.  However, I do remember going over to other kids houses and seeing that they had that type of cereal.  I would gorge myself on it and then I would feel sick.  Funny thing was, I thought my mom was being truth in saying it was not good for us.  After all, I always got sick eating it.  I was too young to realize I was getting sick cause I was eating way too much of it in one sitting.

The good news is that the new program doesn’t require stamps.  Instead, the new food stamps program is referred to as SNAP and in the state of Indiana you will get your food benefits on a card.  Be sure to file for an application or read the frequently asked questions about the SNAP program via the page www.in.gov/fssa. If you are the head of a low income family and you are struggling to eat, this program is for your and yours. Don’t be ashamed to apply.  Everyone needs help from time to time and that is why this program has been implemented.  Start enjoying the nutritious food you are entitled to by applying for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The state of Indiana is there to help you in this time of difficulty.  Do what is right for you and your children.

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