Www.HydroxatoneSettlement.com – Hydroxatone Product Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.HydroxatoneSettlement.com – Hydroxatone Product Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

If you have used the Hydroxatone line of beauty products, then you may be entitled to get some cash or benefits. You can get this if you send in a valid claim form by August 15, 2013. You can do this completely online at the www.HydroxatoneSettlement.com site. You can also mail in your form. You must have bought the product from January 1, 2005 to March 28, 2013 in order for you to get the money or the benefits. The reason for the original lawsuit is that the defendants did not do many things. One of them is to tell the customers the terms of the Risk Free Trials. They also did not tell the customers the terms of the Auto Shipment programs. In addition, the defendants did not refund the money of all those people who returned the products in a timely fashion. They also did not immediately stop billing the customers when the customers cancelled their memberships. Customers were also not allowed to cancel their membership in a timely manner. All this and more is a breach of contract. It also violates the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

Hydroxatone is actually an anti-wrinkle cream. If you go to the official website at hydroxatone.com, you will find the Risk-Free Trials on the top right. It states clearly that you have a 30 day money back guarantee.  You have to understand here that it is not the product that brought on this lawsuit. It is the Risk-Free Trials. So you may be using the products and the products may be working for you. But if you did take part in the trials, then you have a chance of getting something back from the company. If you already use and like the products, then you can use the money or the benefits to buy more products.

The amount of the Hydroxatone Product Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is $3 million. This is a lot of money but do not for one moment think that you will get anywhere as close to a million as possible. In fact that is so very far from the truth. If you want to get cash for example, you will have to be in Group One. To be eligible to be in Group 1, you must have tried to return the Risk-Free Trial products. You must also paid for the shipping and in fact you must have paid more than the shipping. Also you should have received and paid for products after you had cancelled. These kinds of programs annoy me because it seems that they trap you into the system and you can kind stuck. What is even scarier is that very few people actually check their statements. They may have cancelled but they may have paid for many more products after the cancellation without knowing about it. This is especially true if they do not send you the products. You just assume that you are not paying for them. This has happened to me a number of times and I have been livid when I eventually found out. When I was at the post office fuming mad about what had happened, I chatted with the person at the counter. He said that I was lucky that I found out because he never checks his statements. I was so shocked and I think this is true of so many people. You are so busy as it is. Who has time to go through your statements. Also nowadays many people opt not to get paper billing. When you do not get paper billings every month, then it is even harder for you to find out. When would you ever check your statement? I never check my online statements at all. So that is why I always choose not to opt for paperless billing. It actually scares me not to get the bills in the mail. At least when I get the bills, I can rip open the envelope and give the bills a cursory glance to make sure there are no untoward expenses.

So if this happened to you and you were a victim, then I suggest that you take part by filling out the claim form online at the www.HydroxatoneSettlement.com site. You have to send it in by the due date so that you will be able to get the money or the benefits.

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