Www.humana.com/medicaresavings – Humana Medicare Savings

Www.humana.com/medicaresavings – Humana Medicare Savings

You could potentially qualify for the medicare savings program discussed on the www.humana.com/medicaresavings page. If you are eligible, you could possibly get about one hundred dollars more in that check because the program might pay your Part B premium on a monthly basis. The great news is that even if you do receive this benefit, your coverage appears not to be impacted.  More importantly, you should know that the state provides these monies to you if you are approved to receive them.  We all know how important medicare insurance and medicare supplement insurance is, why not look into programs that might, for example, help you with the cost of part b.  The Humana Medicare Savings Program page discusses key factors that you need to investigate on your own.  The first and most important question in my opinion is are you eligible for this medicare savings plan.  By accessing the eligibility resource that Humana has on their site, you learn some important information.   For example, if your  are single and your income on a gross monthly basis is one thousand  two hundred seventy seven dollars or less, you may be eligible.  Many people might be married and want to know if they qualify on their income.  For a married couple to be eligible for the aforementioned medicare savings, it seems you would have to have an income on a gross monthly basis of one thousand seven hundred twenty three dollars or less. 

This is just a starting point for you to determine your eligibility for this medicare cost savings program. You should further explore what it takes for you to qualify.  On the www.humana.com/medicaresavings page, it notes that a dual eligible outreach person can give you additional insights.  One of the things I like about this resource is that it does allow you to check your own specific state to look to see what asset limits or income requirements might be needed.   For example, I was surprised to learn that when I compared California with Alabama, there were differences.  Simply stated, they appeared to have the same income limit.  However, California showed it to have an asset limit, whereas Alabama did not appear to have an asset limit.  That is especially good news if you meet the income limit and live in Alabama.   Another section you might want to explore is the how do I apply for medicare savings resource. 

The humana.com medicare savings how do I apply section provides a toll for free to talk to a Humana representative.  They are available to speak with you Monday through Friday.  Check the specific hours if you do wish to call to ensure that someone will be there to answer your questions.  Applying for medicare savings appears to require that you complete an application.  It also seems to require that you prove your identity.  That is a good thing in my opinion because we don’t want people taking advantage of the system.   Other things that look like they need to be documented include state residency, your income, and your assets.  One of the things that made me feel good is that Humana says they can help you learn more about the guidelines for your own specific state.  I definitely know that I will be placing a call to them to have all my questions on the medicare savings plan answered. 

If you know friends or family members on medicare, you should tell them about this incredible program.  I would also encourage you to tell elderly neighbors on a fixed income about this opportunity.  They may want to enjoy medicare part b savings if they are eligible.  Help them begin the process by sharing the humana.com/medicaresavings page with them. I know that my mother in law can benefit from this program and I am going to make sure she knows about it.  Sometimes it can be a tricky discussion because people might not want to admit they might need a little help with their medicare supplemental insurance plan.  I know she has a low income and not much assets, so I’m pretty confident she would qualify in her state. Although the savings per month might not sound like a lot, over the year they can really add up.  To me, that is money that could be used to pay for other expenses.  If you want help with this matter, Humana has a telephone number on their site to help you. 

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