Www.HomeDepot.com/ProLoyalty – Home Depot Pro Loyalty Program

Www.HomeDepot.com/ProLoyalty – Home Depot Pro Loyalty Program

Register for the Pro Loyalty program or login if you are a returning member at www.homedepot.com/proloyalty page. This program has lots of benefits.  If you have a business, this might be the ideal for you.  The process of registration is straightforward.  For example, some of the information they will ask for is company name, email address, and password.  You can even indicate if you would like to receive your receipt via email too. My other half loves Home Depot.  He is there every weekend it seems.  More importantly, I believe he is there almost every day of the week for work, which makes the pro loyalty program perfect for him.  One of the thing he struggles with is keeping his receipts organized.  In fact, he used to just hand me receipts and tell me to organize them.  That would take hours and I would not know what the things were because they had faded being on his dashboard in the sun for so long.  Now that he has signed up for email receipts, it is so easy to find them in his account.  I now don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out his books for hours. That is one reason why I like that feature.  

If you are a wife in the similar situation, tell your husband to sign up his company on the www.homedepot.com/proloyalty page and have him select the receipt by email option.  As I see it, Home Depot always provides the best customer service and I am impressed every time I am in there.  This new program just gives my husband more incentive to be a loyal customer.  I also love Home Depot and, although not a pro in my own right like my husband, I felt like a pro when we started remodeling our kitchen.  Yes, my other half does this type of work all the time for his business, but he didn’t want to do it for his own house he shared with me.  He told me that he doesn’t want to work when he comes home.  Yes, he started the project, but it would never get finished. It just dragged on. One time, I threatened to stop cooking meals if he didn’t finish it.  I did take empathy after a while and understood why he wouldn’t want to do what he does all day when he gets home.  As a result, I decided to take over the job and off I went to Home Depot.  

At Home Depot, I found everything I needed for my dream kitchen.  I ordered some beautiful cabinets and a faucet.  Home Depot even has great appliances that will meet my every possible need.  One thing I really appreciate is there quality service.  Believe it or not, one representative in the kitchens area sat with me for hours and helped me design my dream space.  I even ordered granite at Home Depot too.  That was probably my hardest decision because there were so many beautiful colors to choose from.  When you remodel, a lot of work goes in to it, but luckily I could get all my materials at my local Home Depot.  In fact, when I was just there this week picking out hardware for the cabinets, I saw their Home Depot pro xtra reloadable card at the register being marketed.  The card packaging even instructed consumers of them to visit the homedepot.com pro loyalty page.

The homedepot.com/proloyalty site can be used for returning members to login too, so make a mental note of that as well. Between my husband’s business and my remodeling projects, we are very loyal to Home Depot.  We also like the activities they have in their stores from time to time for kids.  It’s a great bonding activity for the family and it fosters creativity in my opinion.  If you have your own construction business, you might want to explore the Home Depot pro services and loyalty program.  The times I have been with my husband for work matters, I am impressed with how efficient and courtesy the Home Depot staff is.  It seems that they get him what they need and set up a delivery to his work site in no time at all.  To hear him speak, he would never go anywhere else.  I like shopping there for general items too.  For example, I like to get light bulbs, trash bags, and paper towels there too.  I also am a huge fan of their garden section.  I think I could be a pro gardener if I had the time and resources.  Then, I could be there every day like my other half and I would enjoy the loyalty program benefits. I would definitely encourage you like I encouraged my husband to sign up. 

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