Www.HGTV.com/LoveIt – Four Chances To Win $50,000

Www.HGTV.com/LoveIt – Four Chances To Win $50,000

You could win $50,000 from HGTV.  With that money you could get another home and sell your existing one.  Or maybe, you could put those monies toward your existing mortgage payment. If your existing amount is below the prize amount, you now would own a home free and clear. However, if you are like me, you would use that money to remodel your current place.  It’s easy to participate in the Sweepstakes.  Just watch that enjoyable show called Love It or List It.  They will present a code word for you to input online at hgtv.com/loveit.  Be sure you read over the official rules to know if you qualify or to ensure you are meeting all the conditions.  The best part about this Love It List It Watch It Win It Sweepstakes from HGTV is that there is no purchase necessary to participate.  I love that show as it is one of my favorites.  I am usually in favor of staying in the house they fixed up. Seeing places transform is always a fun experience and I enjoy seeing the final reveal. It is important to have a professional handle such renovations because I truly believe homeowners lose their objectivity when they attempt to do their own renovations.  For example, I knew we needed to add a bathroom to our house and I stressed over it for a long time.  I just didn’t know how to fit the new bathroom into a closet or how to maybe take a little space from an existing bedroom.

On the show Love It or List It, the renovations transform the spaces.  They always look so beautiful and in my opinion exceed the expectations of the home owner.  I bet you could do a lot of great remodeling with the $50,000 prize you could win by entering on the www.hgtv.com/loveit site.  The first thing I would do is put in hardwood floors.  They always make a place look updated and I love the smell of wood.  Also, I would put in new appliances.  Stainless steel gives a fresh modern appearance.  In addition to those changes, I would also install granite counter tops.  Mine have seen better day and should have been replaced decades ago.  A few new oven mitts and dish towels would be a nice touch too.  If anything was left over, the front porch would be redone.

My friend always wants the person to list it and buy a new home.  In fact, there are times when she is watching Love It or List It that she yells at them to make the right decision.  It is funny to see her get disappointed when they don’t do what she wants.  Needless to say, she was not disappointed when she got the special code needed to enter the HGTV Sweepstakes. She was able to enter in a matter of minutes on the HGTV.com Love It page.  They asked for basic information like name, address, and gender to name a few of the items.

If you would like to enter, watch the show when it airs to get the special code.  Then, once you get it, you have to enter the sweepstakes on the www.hgtv.com/loveit page. Make sure you watch the correct show and at the appropriate time to get that needed code word.  Once you have secured it, you are ready to complete your entry.  It appears according to the rules and regulations of the sweepstakes that they will give $50,000 aways once a week for four weeks if I am reading it correctly.  You don’t want to miss out on that. Tell your friends about the show so that they can enjoy it as well.

If my mother won the Love It List It Watch It Win It Sweepstakes, she would definitely use that money to buy a new home.  She says after raising all of her kids in the same home for years, she is ready to start fresh. I personally think she loves her current home and wants to say there for eternity.  Really what she covets from my standpoint is the beach.  Hence, if she wins the HGTV.com LoveIt Sweepstakes, she just very well might buy a beach condo.  The funny thing is that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone keep their current residence and buy another one on the show.  I think that is what she would do though.  Love It or List It appears on Mondays on the HGTV channel.

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