Www.Gtc.dor.ga.gov – Georgia Dept. Of Revenue – Tax Center

Www.Gtc.dor.ga.gov – Georgia Dept. Of Revenue – Tax Center

If you are looking for the Georgia Tax Center online, then turn to www.gtc.dor.ga.gov for making a payment, protesting an assessment, checking in on your refund and much more.  The site is user friendly and there are many resources at your disposal.  The process for paying taxes online is easy.  You will need to provide some basic information.  For example, you will want to provide your ID type and your payment number.  Also, if you have to make a payment online with the Georgia Tax Center, make sure you do it by the deadline you have been provided.  Otherwise, you could potentially incur a penalty as I understand it. It also seems that you can protest a proposed assessment on the Georgia Tax Center online as well.  Having these type of resources makes handling Georgia tax matters really simple in my opinion.  I appreciate the fact that I can go online and pay by giving some basic information.  I also like the fact that one can pay by utilizing their checking account.  You no longer have to get an envelope, find a stamp, write a check, and mail it.  It makes the process a lot more efficient and quicker as I see it. 

You may want to login on the www.gtc.dor.ga.gov site for your full access.  If you don’t have one set up, you might want to sign up.  There are many resources for individuals on the Georgia Department of Revenue site. For example, you may want to review information on appealing to the GA Tax Tribunal.  Or, you might want to submit documentation or request that a penalty be waived. You can even access the Georgia Trucker Portal too from this resource. You might also utilize this GA Tax Center to find a request that currently exists.  Another thing it appears you can do is request a customs letter.  

Others might turn to the GIA tax center to obtain a 1099G electronically.  There is always a frequently asked questions section.  I know one thing I always want to know is where is my refund.  If you are like me, you have a tendency to pay more in than you owe.  Then, you get some back after you file your taxes.  I love receiving my tax refund.  Some people have told me that I shouldn’t over pay, but I like to do that because I use it as a saving account as I like to say.  Who doesn’t want to get a little extra one day when you are not expecting it.  Then, I go indulge on something special for myself and don’t feel guilty.  My friends who get earned income tax credits appreciate the money they get after filing their taxes.  

On the gtc.dor.ga.gov page, you can also access instructional videos.  I’m one who really appreciates videos when dealing with things that I don’t know a lot about.  I feel like I have someone in the room helping me when I watch them.  You can also utilize the Georgia Tax Center for business purposes.  For example, maybe you need to make a payment or register your new Georgia business.  One may utilize the gtc.dor.ga.gov sales tax materials for their business.  It is important to pay all taxes owed the state of Georgia, don’t be remiss in doing so.  So manage your taxes online with GTC.  I think you will appreciate using this self service approach. 

Also, take a minute to read some of the announcements GA Tax Center has posted there.  They might pertain to you or to your business.  For example, you might be interested in knowing when the system might be down.  You also might want to read up on the new DOR requirements that may pertain to your business in the new year.  Also, be careful when you enter the address.  I mistakenly added in the .com extension.  This is a government site and ends with .gov.  As a result, when I attempted to access gtc.dor.ga.com, I was unsuccessful.  Type the address exactly as it appears on your notice of proposed assessment.  Also, I would just like to mention that one should keep good tax records and also hold on to them for a while.  You never know when you might want to contest an assessment and, if you do, you will want a lot of documentation to support your assertion.  Also, when I pay federal and state taxes online, I always print off documentation that I paid.  Then, I put that with my tax records in case there is a question about whether or not I paid.  By keeping good records, I feel better about knowing that everything is in order.  My brother in law on the other hand is not organized and he always stresses when it is tax time.  

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