Www.GoXarelto.com – Xarelto Blood Thinner For AFib: Get Info

Www.GoXarelto.com – Xarelto Blood Thinner For AFib: Get Info

If you are dealing with AFib and it is not due to a heart valve issue than www.goxarelto.com might have some important information for you.  This new drug appears to be different from similar drugs like warfarin because it has many things going for it. In other words, I feel it might improve one’s quality of life cause because it appears that you don’t have to go through routine blood monitoring.  That can be a frustrating process, as you always need to remind yourself to do it and you need to make sure you are at the right levels.  Furthermore, with an Xarelto prescription, it appears that there are not restrictions on your diet per se.  For example, when taking warfarin, my friend cannot eat lots of leafy lettuce and greens.  In fact, he laments that he cannot have what he craves on a regular basis as a part of his diet.  As a result, Xarelto might be an option for his Afib protocol if he meets the guidelines.  Another interesting thing is that it seems that you are not required to constantly adjust the dosage of this medication like other ones that might have been prescribed. Finally, it is also noted that it is taken once a day.  To me that is an important consideration, as I often have difficulty remembering to take medications multiple times a day.

If you would like to learn about Xarelto, then you should probably explore the material that is available to people on the www.goxarelto.com site. There you can learn important safety information about it.  If you have atrial fibrillation, then you might want to talk to you doctor about it.  Although I am not a doctor, it appears that you are precluded from using it if you have a problem with your heart valve that is causing heartbeat irregularity.  They even have some important tips like don’t take this medication if allergic to rivaroxaban. From what I understand, this drug is intended to help reduce stroke risk. 

I told my friend about Go Xarelto and he was excited to learn more.  He said he didn’t like having to watch what he ate all the time.  Even more frustrating was that he hated getting his blood tested to make sure his levels were acceptable. I told him to be sure to view the discussion guide that is available on the resource page. In fact, that guide gives you a list of great questions that you might want to inquire about with your doctor.  I think bringing in materials to talk to your doctor about is important.  So often times I get nervous talking to my physician and I forget a lot of the questions I had.  With a serious condition, such as one that might be treated with Xarelto, you should definitely be well prepared in advance.  In addition to bringing in your guide and questions, bring in something to write the answers down with.  One thing I like to do is to ask permission from the doctor and then, if he agrees, record his answers on my phone.  That way, I can review the information I got as often as I want to.  It is amazing how often I misunderstand things.  But with a recording of it, I can go back and make sure I clearly comprehend what is said.  You should try this approach on your next important doctor visit, especially if you are making it to discuss atrial fibrillation and stroke with him or her. You might also want to visit the xarelto.com page too. 

Another wonderful resource that interested individuals should explore is the information on support which is available on the GoXarelto.com page. There, they spell out a program of support.  One thing that caught my attention is that they appear to be willing to provide you with phone or email reminders for your refills.  That is perfect for me, as I am one who never thinks about getting a refill until I take the very last pill.  In my case, I only discover that I’m out of medication usually on Sunday late at night.  Another important area featured on the Xarelto support section is the information about the savings that one could be potentially be eligible for.  Another tool that I really liked was a means by which to give feedback. In addition to taking the discussion guide with you to your doctor’s appointment, I would also encourage you to print out the Xarelto materials so that you can refer back to them as needed.  Yes, you can usually access information on mobile devices, but that might not be acceptable.  Simply put, at my physician’s office, they ask you to shut of such devices so as not to interfere with equipment. 

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