Www.GoldRushGiveAway.com Gold Rush Sweepstakes Win $100,000

Www.GoldRushGiveAway.com Gold Rush Sweepstakes Win $100,000

You could win one hundred thousand dollars in gold with the www.goldrushgiveaway.com sweepstakes.  Watch Gold Rush on the Discovery Channel and look for a special code in order to get your chance to win.  To facilitate your chance to win the Gold Rush GiveAway , you will most likely want to enter after viewing the premiere episode.  If you are like me, you are so looking forward to a third season of Gold Rush.  It appears, from the previews, that someone will do well this season.  I wonder who will strike it rich. I am sure hoping for Todd Hoffman and his crew to be the successful ones this season.  They are back in Alaska and a lot of familiar faces are back including Jack Hoffman, Dave Turin, Jim Thurber, Greg Remsburg, and Chris Doumitt.  Also, other miners include Fred Hurt and Parker Schnabel.  At first, I was kind of angry with Fred taking over Todd’s claim.  But I understand that business sometimes happens that way and it appeared that Todd failed to make a payment to keep his claim.  Fred has had a lot of hardships and the fact that his home got flooded made him a sympathetic character.  They worked hard and had a good season last year.  The true underdog in my opinion is Parker Schnabel.  In my opinion he is just a kid, but works so hard to make it a success.

In fact, it was interesting to watch his trials and tribulations.  Maybe he will strike gold big time this season.  However, you may want to do the same.  Although you are not a miner, you have a chance with the Gold Rush Giveaway, known as the Strike Gold Sweepstakes, to win $100,000 in that precious metal. To learn more about the official rules, visit the www.goldrushgiveaway.com page to see what it takes to get entered.  Parker Schnabel has had a great inspiration in his grandfather.  I enjoy his words of wisdom and am amazed at how involved he was in the mining operation given his age.  I think we all wish we had a grandfather like Parker’s.  With or without a grandfather, Todd and his crew will take on a new claim in addition to their claim from last season.  That will be an interesting development.  After all, if you think it is hard to run one operation, how difficult is it going to be to oversee two of them. That will definitely make for a fun third season of Gold Rush on discovery. 

On the Gold Rush Giveaway sweepstakes page, they ask you how you might spend the $100,000 in gold if you win it.  Of course, they give you some logical choices and some choices that appear to be funny.  If I win the Strike Gold Sweepstakes, I will be overjoyed and I would have to think long and hard how to spend it.  The new season will have a new twist because Dave and Todd will be overseeing separate claims. As a result, it appears they will not only have a competition with other miners to see how well they do this season, they will have a competition amongst themselves.  Todd is someone I admire, but I think Dave Turin will probably have a better season.  The ultimate proof of that is who gets more gold by the end of the season. 

If you love Gold Rush and are patiently waiting for your chance to enter the Gold Rush Give Away sweepstakes, then visit the official goldrushgiveaway.com site to watch great video clips from the show in the interim.  Of course, don’t forget to watch the show and get your sweepstakes special code. Heck, you might strike it rich before some of the miners ever do.  When, I watch the show I always worry that someone might get hurt.  Mining out in the Alaska wilderness can be dangerous.  Perhaps, that’s why so many people like me enjoy watching the show.  We can live vicariously through the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush characters without all the risk.  Speaking of risk, Todd and his colleagues have made lots of sacrifices to make a better life.  That is just another reason I am cheering for them.  Also, tell your friends about the Gold Rush sweepstakes because if you don’t win it, maybe they will.   This third season is going to be fun to watch and, given the fact that they now have the Strike Gold Sweepstakes, it gives me yet another reason to watch.  If you have never seen the show, check it out and enter to win as well.  I’m convinced you will become addicted to the television show like I am. 

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