Www.GetWellDuck.com – What Happened To The Aflac Duck?

Www.GetWellDuck.com – What Happened To The Aflac Duck?

You can send the Aflac Duck a get well card via www.getwellduck.com. Many people are asking what happened to the Aflac duck. If you saw the recent spot, you know the Aflac duck has had an accident.  Good thing he is getting help with his expenses because he has Aflac.  The duck has injuries to his wing and beak. If you saw the spot where the doctor is reporting on him, it is really cute.  In other words, the doctor takes the role of the mascot by saying Aflac several times. It’s not clear what exactly happened to him or how the accident occurred.  All we know is he is not able to do his job as the aflac spokesperson, I mean duck. All they tell us is that the duck has had an accident. Fortunately, the good news is that they provide a way to send him or, maybe her, a get well card.  It appears that you might have to sign in to your facebook account to proceed with the sending of the card.  I was thinking about fun things to say to the duck that might make him laugh and get him back to his Aflac job sooner.

If you would like to see the spot where they announced that the Aflac Duck has been in an accident, you can view it yourself on the official www.getwellduck.com site.  It is is funny because with the white coat on, the doctor looks like a big duck to me. I also saw that the duck posted saying he was in an accident, but couldn’t remember what happen.  I think in weeks to come we will get little glimpses into what happened to him in upcoming commercials.  In fact, my prediction is that we will see an Aflac Super bowl commercial where we learn what really happened in the duck’s accident.  As a result, we will no longer need to ask what happened to the Aflac Duck.  Instead, we might see the incident definitively and have a good laugh. That is just my guess, so we will have to wait to see if I am correct in my prognostication. If you are like me, those Afflac commercials make me laugh.  In fact, I watch them repeatedly, as they bring a smile to my face.  I hope the duck does survive because I would miss his presence in future commercials.  I am calling the duck a him, but I really don’t know what the duck’s gender really is.  

So take a minute and give a shout out and say get well duck.  I’m sure the little guy would love to hear from you. Do you have an idea of what happened to Aflack duck? I have several. I think the african american guy that appears in all the other Aflac commercials accidentally did something to him. There were some pictures of our feathered friend in the snow on his page, so maybe he had a skiing accident. Another idea I am thinking is that maybe it was hunting season and some guys came after him in search of a meal. I sure hope we find out conclusively what happened to him and I hope it is a hilarious commercial.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if his accident is spread over many commercials on television.  In other words, I am thinking we will see it unfold in episodes.  One funny episode would be to see him trying to escape from a petting zoo.  He could run through all the different pens housing the animals with people in fast pursuit. 

We don’t know what happened to the aflac duck, but we do know that he has had an accident and needs well wishes. If you want to send well wishes, start the process on the GetWellDuck.com page. I was thinking about what I might say to the Aflac duck to cheer him up and to get him back on his feet.  I thought a few inspirational words would be good.  However, the more I thought about it, I realized he is the type that would prefer humor.  Wouldn’t it be funny to send him a picture of his unlikely co-star with the caption of he misses you. I’m sure you have some funny scenarios or things you would like to say to him. Aflac is giving your the opportunity and you should have some fun with it. I really hope that we get to watch the aflac duck accident commercial if they do make one. I’m sure as soon as we see it, it will go viral in no time at all.  The person that created the Aflac duck is truly a marketing genius. He has us all wondering what type of accident did the Aflac duck have. 

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