Www.FTC.gov/Refunds – Federal Trade Commission FTC Refunds – Get Money Back

Www.FTC.gov/Refunds – Federal Trade Commission FTC Refunds – Get Money Back

You may be eligible to get refunds from the Federal Trade Commission. You may not even know it. But you can go to the www.FTC.gov/refunds site to find out what you can get money on. In fact there is a letter that you can use to file a complaint against any seller for a refund. You can also ask for a refund from a manufacturer. You will be able to use this letter and fill in the appropriate information and give it to the seller or manufacturer. It is good to do this in writing because there is a record. If you just complain verbally, you may not be able to use this information if you decide to sue. So anything in writing is good for this purpose.

At the www.FTC.gov/refunds site, you can also find out about the refund program. How this works is that the FTC will sue companies. This is done because the companies provide false claims about the products they sell or the services that they provide. Sometimes, there are refunds based on these lawsuits. If you go to the site and scroll down to Refunds from the FTC, then you can find out the most recent cases that you may be able to get money from.  When you click on the link, you will get a list of the case, the dates, the links to the sites and the refunds. You will also get contact information if you wish to call.

The latest refund that you can get is one from Walgreen. This is associated with the Wal-Born Dietary Supplements. This refund is in the amount of $27.42. This will be provided in the form of checks and will go out to about 7,979 people. The deceptiveness here is that the product advertised that it could help prevent colds. It was also supposed to help fight germs. In addition it could also boost the immune system. If you are one of the lucky recipients of the refunds, you must cash your cheek within 60 days. This is from the date of issue. If you do not cash it by then, then it will be void and you will not be able to get your money. If you did not file for a refund, then you can no longer do so for this case. However, if you have any questions, you can still call or go to the site. The phone number is a toll free number. If you want a quick answer to your question then you should call.

Another recent case that you may be able to get a refund for is the robocalls that you may have received. These robocalls were for lowering credit card interest rates. However this was not true. They were not able to do it. Basically a fee was charged right off the bat. The amount is rather large too. Anywhere from $495 to $995. This is a lot of money to be giving to the company in order to lower your interest rate. What was said by the company is that the customers would be able to save a lot of money. This could be in the thousands of dollars. The company which is JPM. The company also violated teh telemarketing sales rule. They were not supposed to call all those on the Do Not Call Registry. So if you did get this robocall and became a customer of JPM because of it, then you will get a refund. Again this refund will be in the form of a check. You do not have to file a claim for this. There is also a hotline for this case and you can call the hotline to get information.

Another case that you may look into in terms of getting refunds is for buying dietary supplements. These could be Accelis or nanoSLIM. It could also be any Cold MD or Allergy MD or even Germ MD. The reason for this is that these dietary supplements have been advertised as being able to help you lose weight. They could also help you treat colds. They can also help you treat and prevent flu and also allergies. You will get a refund for $71.71.  You will get this as a check in the mail and you must cash it soon. If you do not cash it after 60 days, the check becomes invalid.

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