Www.FemaFormaldehydeLitigation.com – FFEMA Formaldehyde Travel Trailer Manufacturers Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.FemaFormaldehydeLitigation.com – FEMA Formaldehyde Travel Trailer Manufacturers Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

It has been six years since those who suffered and were victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita suffered further when they were provided with temporary housing in travel trailers which were provided by the government. Finally, there is the FEMA Formaldehyde Travel Trailer Manufacturers Class Action Lawsuit Settlement which can be found at the www.femaformaldehydelitigation.com site and the amount that has been approved is $42.6 million. The reason for the lawsuit is because the travel trailers produced chemical formaldehyde at a dangerous level for those living in these travel trailers. More than two dozen manufacturers of these travel trailers are involved. Those who lived in the trailers complained that they suffered from headaches, nosebleed and difficulty breathing when they moved into the trailers in 2005. An air quality test was conducted in early 2006 on 44 of the FEMA provided travel trailers and it was found that the formaldehyde content was as high as 0.34 parts per million. This is a very high level. More tests were done and it was announced in 2008 that the formaldehyde levels in these trailers were 5 times higher than what you would be normally exposed to in your home. Formaldehyde is a human carcinogen that can cause cancer.

About 55,000 people will be affected and may be able to get compensation in the FEMA Formaldehyde Travel Trailer Manufacturers Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. These are the people who live in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas. So if you decide to take part, you will get some money from the $37.5 million that will be  provided by the two dozen travel tailer manufacturers. In addition you will be able to get a portion of a $5.1 million settlement with FEMA contractors. These are contractors who installed the travel trailers and maintained them. The attorneys fees will be about $20.5 million. So this money will be deducted from the total funds. So if all the 55,000 people who were affected file claim forms, you will get roughly about $4020. That is a lot of money so I would suggest you go to the settlement site at www.femaformaldehydelitigation.com and download and fill out the claim form.

At the site, you can click on the Travel Trailer – Manufacturers tab at the top to get that claim form or you can click on the Travel Trailer – Contractors tab to get the second claim form. These are separate settlements and if you are eligible for both, you should fill out and submit both forms. You are eligible to take part if you suffered injuries or symptoms of formaldehyde exposure while you lived in the Travel Trailer or Park Model Trailer during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In addition the Travel Trailer or the Park Model Trailer that you lived had to be manufactured by certain companies. You can get a list of these companies at the settlement website. If you are not sure who the manufacturer of the trailer you lived in was, you can check the paperwork that was sent to you by the Federal Government. That should contain the information on the manufacturer. Make sure that it was a trailer that you lived in and not a manufactured home.

If you looked at the paperwork you received and are still not sure if you are a part of the settlement, there is a toll free number that you can call. Even after calling the number and you are still not sure, the best thing to do is to fill out the claim form. This is because if you are eligible and you did not fill out the claim form because you were not sure and the deadline is over, you will not be able to get the compensation. So it is better to be safe than sorry. The deadline to submit your claim form is October 12, 2012. So basically there is not much time so if you are not sure, just fill out the form. Make sure that you fill out the form properly as inaccurate claim forms may be rejected. Also make sure that you provide all the documentation needed. Make sure that you submit two claim forms. There are two settlements and you may be able to get money from both. The deadline for the second is the same as the first so make sure that you submit both on time.

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