Www.Elle.com/Sweepstakes – Enter Elle Sweepstakes

Www.Elle.com/Sweepstakes – Enter Elle Sweepstakes

You can enter the giveaways at the www.elle.com/Sweepstakes site. There are a number of different giveaways that you can take part in. There is the Elle Celebrity Style Sweepstakes. This is for a $50,000 shopping spree. You can click on the Enter Now button if you wish to enter this one. Like most sweepstakes for magazines, you can enter and get a free trial of the magazine. However all of them will allow you to enter without subscribing at all. So make sure that you find the correct link. I usually enter without the trial subscription. I feel that this is better because I cannot ever remember to cancel the trial subscription and I end up with magazines that I did not need.

If you are worried about your chances of winning if you did not subscribe, then you do not have to. This is because all of these giveaways state that there is no purchase necessary in order to win. But I always wonder though. I wish I could ask those who do win whether they had entered without getting the trial subscription or whether they had actually subscribed to the magazine. In terms of the magazine, I am sure that they want you to subscribe. Since you have to click on a different link, do the two entries end up in different pots or be coded differently. I am sure they are coded differently but what does that mean?

The other Elle Sweepstakes that you can enter at the www.elle.com/Sweepstakes site include the ELLE Cash Giveaway which has a $100,000 cash prize. I really like this one. Who would not want or need $100,000? Another one that has the same prize value is the ELLE Runway Sweepstakes. There is even one with a prize of a trip to Miami. You can also enter for a chance to win a Bookclub gift box of Misfit.

You can also click on the official rules to find out the details for each one of the giveaways. I usually look at the rules to find out when is the last day that I can enter. Most of these you can enter every day until the end of the entry period. For the first one you can basically enter until January 31, 2014.  Like most entries of these kind you are only allowed one entry for one household and one entry for one email address. So if you change your email address for some reason and no longer use the email that you provided when you entered, you have to let the Sponsors know of the change.

I love entering these types of giveaways but I have never yet won a single one. I am always amazed when I find out that some people win multiple times – in different sweepstakes of course. But how can one person be so lucky? What is the trick I wonder. I am sure if I could talk to them I will find out that they entered everyday for a year or something like that. I of course cannot remember to enter. Once a day is too much. I will usually enter once and then forget to enter all together. Who has the time. For me I do not have the time and I do not have patience. There are some people who want to enter every day and do not have time and so they do it mechanically. There is a warning however that if you do this you will be automatically disqualified. So if you are disqualified, you are out of luck and you will not be able to win anything. And if you are not aware that you have been disqualified, then you would not know that you have to enter yourself everyday.

You can get the list of winners online. I always wonder who won. Or if anyone won. You have a better chance of winning one of these prizes than you have of winning the lottery. Some people ask me why I enter if the chance of winning is so slim. What I usually say is that if you do not enter than you do not have a chance of winning at all. It is better to have a chance than not to have anything at all. After all, what is there to lose except some time?

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