Www.EbookAGSettlements.com – E-Book Price Fixing Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.EbookAGSettlements.com – Attorneys General E-Book Price Fixing Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

You can access the Attorneys General E-Book Prices Class Action Lawsuit Settlement at the www.EbookAGSettlements.com site. You may have received something in the mail if you have purchased any e-books by the settling publishers from April 1, 2010 to May 21, 2012. The settling publishers are Hachette Book Group, Inc, HarperCollins Publishers LLC and Simon & Schuster. The two non-settling publishers are Penguin Group and Holtzbrinck Publishers, LLC also known as Macmillan.

The E-Book Price-Fixing Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is actually an antitrust class action lawsuit that was filed by the Attorneys Generals of 49 states.  This includes the District of Columbia and five U.S. Territories and Commonwealths. Apparently three of the top publishers in the United States got together and fixed the prices of the ebooks and hence raised the retail prices. The case is known as Texas et al. v. Hachette Book Group et al. The case number is 12-cv-6625. The settlement which can be found at www.EbookAGSettlements.com site has been preliminarily approved.  There are still two publisher who have not settled and the case continues. This case which has not settled yet is known as the Texas et al. v. Penguin Group (USA) Inc et al. The case number is 12-cv-03394. This case will go to trial in 2013.

However, if you live in Minnesota, you are not included in this settlement. This is because the Minnesota Attorney General did not participate. If you live in other countries besides the United States, you will not be able to participate. If you are  a business entity, you will not be able to participate. Even governments, non-porfit organizations and libraries cannot participate. Only individuals are allowed to participate. Also you rented your ebook, you will not be able to take part. Free ebooks and ebooks that you got as gifts will also not be included.

The definition of an ebook here is any electronic book that can only be read on a computer or a mobile device such as an e-reader or a tablet. Audio books are not included in this definition of an ebook under this settlement. If you received a postcard in the mail for if you received an email about this, then you are definitely included in the class action. If you are not sure if you are included, there is a phone number and an email address at the settlement website. You will be able to call or email in order to find out for sure.

The amount of the settlement is $69.4 million. This is how it has been divided for the three settling publishers. Hachette will provide $31.71 million to pay the customers who bought their ebooks. Harper Collins will provide $19.58 million for their customers and Simon & Schuster will provide $17.75 million. Right now it is still unclear exactly how much you will receive. This will depend on a number of factors. One of them is how many ebooks that you bought. Another factor is the category that your books falls into. If you bought a New Yorks time bestseller, you will get $1.32 per book. If the books are not New York Times bestseller, you will get $0.30 per book.

What you have to do in order to get your payment depends on the retailers or where you bought your ebook from. If you bought your book on Amazon.com and you got an email, you do not have to do anything. You will get the automatic credit. However, if you would rather get a check instead, you can do that but you have to request that.  If you bought your ebook from Barnes & Noble, Apple or Kobo, you do not have to do anything right now in order get your payment. However you will get a notice to activate your credit. You will also be able to opt to get a check if you do not want credit. If you got an email from Sony or Google, then you will have to fill out a claim form. You will get a check if you submit a valid claim form by December 12, 2012. If you got an email from any other retailer not mentioned here, you will have to submit a claim form by December 12, 2012 in order to get your check.  You will be able to file your claim form online at the website or you can download the claim form and submit it via regular mail.

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