Www.dss.mo.gov/fsd – Missouri Department of Social Services – Get Food Stamps / EBT

Www.dss.mo.gov/fsd – Missouri Department of Social Services – Get Food Stamps / EBT

Get the help your Missouri family needs via the resources of dss.mo.gov/fsd to live a happier and more productive life in the Show Me State.  One of the most important functions that MO DSS (Missouri Department of Social Services) performs is providing help in the form of food stamps.  Yes, many of us will just refer to the program by the way in which it is accessed.  That name we often use is called EBT or electronic benefits transfer.  However, in Missouri they still refer to the program as Food Stamps and you get an EBT card to make purchases. On the federal level from what I understand, the program is referred to as SNAP.  That acronym stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.   That program, which was renamed in 2008, looks to help the population of the nation through healthy nutrition.  One of the things I truly believe makes the U.S. and, subsequently, Missouri great is we take care of people’s hunger needs.  If you or your Missouri family is struggling to eat, you need to explore the Food Stamp program the state of Missouri provides.  Apply for food stamps online to see if you are eligible and to see if you can receive an EBT card.

To learn more about the Food Stamp program and about other programs related to health or wellness, visit the www.dss.mo.gov/fsd page. There you will not only learn about the Missouri food stamps program, you may also learn about rehabilitation services.  In fact, there is a whole wide range of features the family support division addresses.  If you are looking for it, it appears that food stamps falls under the heading of Income Maintenance and Self Sufficiency.  Once you access that, you will find a wealth of information about Food Distribution Programs.  In fact, you might be surprised to learn that USDA (also known as the United States Department of Agriculture) actually plays a role in helping to provide food for those needy children and adults.

I think it is wonderful that we have so many programs dedicated to nutrition and helping those who might go hungry.  However, there are eligibility requirements.  In fact, you can read over the rules for eligibility on the official government site.  Please be sure you are on the correct page and that you have not accidentally gone to www.dss.mo.com/fsd as that appears to be a commercial site and not an official government one.  There are even health programs for kids that you might want to explore if you have children.  The easiest way to apply for food stamps is to fill out a form and drop it off at your nearby family support division.  There appears to be two important documents that you can look at in regard to this process.  The fist is the actual food stamp benefits application form and the other document is the instructions that help guide you through that application. You can even get the forms and instructions in both English, as well as in Spanish.  This is ideal for those who do not speak English as their native language.

I would personally recommend that you take advantage of the pre screening metric that helps determine your eligibility.  That tool can be accessed by navigating through the official site www.dss.mo.gov/fsd.  Getting an EBT card can change your life for the better because you can now eat.  Maintaining a level of nutrition is important for overall well being. Please take the time to apply if you are eligible.  Things that I believe that will be taken in to consideration will be such things as income and if you have children.  If you have filled out your Missouri Food Stamp Application, you don’t necessarily have to take it to your local office in person.  You can mail that application to an FSD office located in your county.  You can even fax it in too.  You should also be aware that the process to qualify you for food stamps and, ultimately, ebt benefits will require an interview.  That eligibility interview can be conducted in person, or, if you prefer, via phone.   It is also reassuring that the state of Missouri has a loss or replacement protocol in the event you lose your food stamp benefits due to such disasters as tornadoes and floods.  Missouri Department of Social Services provides the best quality customer service in my opinion and are there to help you with your Food Stamp / EBT needs.

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