Www.DollarTreeFeedback.com – 10 Chances To Win $1,000

Www.DollarTreeFeedback.com – 10 Chances To Win $1,000

You can get ten chances to win $1,000 dollars just by completing the dollartreefeedback.com survey.  There is also the potential to win an iPod instantly as well.  The Dollar Tree Store cares about your input.  To reward you for your time, they are giving you a shot to win great prizes that are disseminated through their sweepstakes.  There are some required elements to provide your feedback on the site.  For example, you will need to provide the store number to complete the survey.  Additional information that you will need to enter includes the amount you spent in total, the date upon which you visited, and the time you visited the location.  The information can be easily found on the receipt from your visit.  There is even a section on the dollar tree survey sweepstakes site to see previous winners.  It is really fun to look at the list, as there are names from all over the place.  In fact, I found names from Canada and the United States.  Maybe your name will appear as the next winner or maybe mine will.  But you will never know, unless you enter the sweepstakes.

The other great thing is that you don’t have to purchase anything to enter.  You can read about this in the rules and regulations section on the www.dollartreefeedback.com page. Read about eligibility to see if you meet the requirements.  One of the major factors to consider when entering the Dollar Tree feedback survey is are you the proper age to enter the sweepstakes and win.  It appears that children are not eligible.  You might want to read up on who is the sponsor of this sweepstakes and the available you could win.  What could be better than getting ten chances to win a shot at $1,000.   If you want to enter by mail, they even provide an address for that too.

I love to shop at Dollar Tree because I always feel like I save a ton on products that I need and want.  I especially feel good when I get a great deal on personal care products. You can also find great prices on gifts there as well. We are all on a budget, but yet we need to mark special occasions with that special gift.  I am convinced you can find that special item at Dollar Tree.  I love going online to check the specials that are in-store.  I find that I can really stretch my limited family budget with this store.  Thus, if they asked me to take a www.dollartree.com survey, I would tell them that it is my favorite store.  In fact, I go in at least once a week, if not more during the holidays. Another thing I like to do is take the kids there.  Youngsters always want to buy lots of things when you take them shopping. I find that when I take them to a Dollar Tree store I can get them more for less.  They always leave with a smile and lots of items.  I leave happy after shopping there because I have not spent a lot of money to please them.

Also, I know that if I keep my receipt from that visit, I can go home and enter to win there sweepstakes.  I merely provide the information noted on my receipt in the appropriate boxes on the site www.dollartreefeedback.com.  Then, I have fun answering the survey questions to enter.  Market research is an important thing to do, as it lets the store know how they are doing.  It’s not good enough to just measure your business on how much you make.  You need to know how your customers feel and that is why they probably want to conduct this survey.  To provide an incentive for you to give your feedback, they give you the sweepstakes opportunity.  I think completing surveys whether you have the opportunity to win something or not is fun. The Dollar Tree survey wont take you all that long to complete.  So if you have a few minutes, head on over there.  You might be the big winner and be glad that you spent those few minutes doing what you needed to do to enter.  Also, if you shop with a friend be sure to remind them about the dollar tree survey.

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