Www.DieselSettlement.com – Ford Diesel Engine Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.DieselSettlement.com – Ford Diesel Engine Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

If you own or lease a Ford that has a 6 liter PowerStroke diesel engine and the model of the vehicle is 2003 – 2007, then you may be eligible to take part and get some compensation. This is because the diesel engines had defects. This defects caused it to perform poorly and the owners of those who leased the vehicles had to pay for expensive repairs. So if you are one of these people and want to get compensation, then you must submit a claim form. You can get this at the www.DieselSettlement.com site. You will have to submit it by a deadline. The deadline however has not been set yet by the court. This will most probably be set during or after the final approval hearing. This hearing is going to be held on May 22, 2013.

Right now if you go to the www.DieselSettlement.com site, you will not be able to fill out or download the Ford Diesel Engine Class Action Lawsuit Settlement claim form. This form will only appear at the website when the settlement is approved. So make sure that you keep checking the site for further information and to get the claim form.

Even though there is no claim form, there is class counsel though. You can get this information at the website. There is even a phone number that you can call if you want to talk to the attorney. There is not much information on the site yet but there will be more when more details are revealed. Right now you will find the deadline for exclusion. This means that if you do not want to take part in the settlement and would rather sue the company on your own or you would rather get more money than you can in this lawsuit settlement, then you will have to opt out. When you do this, you will then be able to sue or even take part in other lawsuits against the company for the same reason. The deadline for you to do this is April 24, 2013. The one thing you have to remember to do is that this has to be submitted via regular email. Another important thing to remember is that the letter has to be signed. Yes, this seems so odd these days because you are so used to sending emails that you forget that you have to sign letters. However, without a signature the letter will not be valid. So this means that you request to opt out will not be valid. This is the worst thing that could happen because it would then mean that you will not be able to sue or even to take part in other lawsuits if you wanted to.

If you wanted to get more information, you can always call the class counsel. However, before doing that it is better to check the FAQ on the website. Usually the FAQ will provide you with all the answers that you need. However, since this case is rather new and there is very little information, there is a very short FAQ. So what you can do is if you find that the answer you are looking for is not there, then you can keep checking. There will be more questions and answers added to the FAQ when they become available. However, if you feel that you cannot wait, then you can call the legal counsel. But chances are that he will not have too many answers either.

There are also case documents that you can look through if you want. These documents may provide you with the answers that you were looking for. There are two documents that you can view. One of them is the class notice. This is something that you should have received in the mail if you are eligible to get compensation. However if you did not receive this in the mail, then you can definitely go through the one on the website. The other document is the preliminary approval order. This will also be a source of information so you can look through that to see if you can find your answers. There were 7 original lawsuits that became the multidistrict litigation or MDL which is In re: Navistar 6.0L Diesel Engine Products Liability Litigation.

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