Www.DiamondWirelessSettlement.com – Diamond Wireless FACTA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.DiamondWirelessSettlement.com – Diamond Wireless FACTA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

This is the case you can take part in if you bought anything with at Diamond Wireless with  a credit card or a debit card at anytime from April 24, 2011 to July 30, 2013. The issue here is that the receipts that were printed based on the purchase using the debit or the credit cards had the expiration dates of the credit or the debit card. The amount of the fund for this case is $1.25 million. You will get a portion of this amount. In fact you may be able to get up to $500. That is a lot of money. You can go to the www.diamondwirelesssettlement.com site to find out how you can get that money.

You will have to send in your claim form by April 8, 2014 in order to get that money. Usually in cases like this, i would suggest that you think about the type of legal action you want to take. The two most important are whether to take part or whether you should exclude yourself. If you take part you cannot sue the company. If you exclude yourself, you cannot get the money. Most of the time the money you get is so little that either option would be a viable one. However, in this case, because you may be able to get quite a bit of money, that you should take part. You will be able to do this online at the www.diamondwirelesssettlement.com. You can also print out the form and submit it via regular mail.

Usually if you want to exclude yourself, you have send in a written request. It can get tricky because you have to provide some specific information. Failure to provide that information can lead to a rejection of your request. In this case however, that process has been made simpler by providing you with an Opt-Out form. With this form, most of the major elements are already included. For example, the name of the lawsuit which is Ronald C. Betten and Esther Lafa v. Diamond Wireless, LLC. The case number is  another piece of information that usually needs to be included. In this case the case number which is CV13-02885 CBM (FFMx) is already included in the form. This request has to be sent in by April 8, 2014. You will have to print your name, your street address and also your telephone number in the space provided in the form. There is also a place for you to write the date, sign it and print your name. If you decide to opt out, you will not be able to get any money from this case. You will also not be able to object.

Your lawyer who will be representing you will be Eric A. Grover. The law firm that he is associated with is Keller Grover LLP. This lawyer will also be representing all the class members. Usually there is more than one lawyer and more than one law firm involved. However, in this case there is only one. Do get in touch with him if you need guidance or legal advice. In this case, as the amount you get is so substantial, the path you should take should be quite clear. However, if you are undecided, you can talk to him of course.

With legal cases, it can be difficult to figure out what you do. You even wonder whether you are allowed to say something. It is amazing how formal these cases can be. I remember being at a variance meeting with a friend. She was renovating her house and she asked me to help her at the variance meeting. I did not realize how formal that was. I was supposed to hold up some pictures for everyone to see. Of course, I hold it upside down. I then made a joke and was surprised when nobody laughed. I later realized that I was not supposed to be speaking. Only she was supposed to speak. Ooops. So if you wish to know exactly what you can do, do contact that lawyer.

The final fairness hearing when the case is finally approved by the court will take place on June 10, 2014. This will be at 10 a.m. in Los Angeles California. You do not have to attend this in order to get the money.

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