Www.dew.sc.gov – South Carolina Unemployment: SC Online Claims and Benefits

Www.dew.sc.gov – South Carolina Unemployment: SC Online Claims and Benefits

File for weekly benefits or start a new claim to obtain your South Carolina Unemployment benefits.  The official unemployment site www.dew.sc.gov provides easy access to all available resources available through the department of employment and workforce.  You can access the jobs section to help you find a great career opportunity or to prepare for an interview by creating a resume.  The SC Works pools its resources to give you the best opportunity to find a job.  More importantly, the South Carolina Department of Employment will allow you to access the claimant portal.  Called MyBenefits, this online portal is going to empower you to do many things related to your unemployment status.

The my benefits section will specifically allow you oversee your account.  You can check your claim by logging in using your user id.  If you are a new user, signing up is easy to do via the www.dew.sc.gov page.  In fact, there is a tutorial provided that will guide you step by step through the process.  If you are facing unemployment, read all of the pertinent information For example, 1099G can be accessed now.  There is also a a helpful brochure that helps you better understand the nuance of being unemployed from a financial standpoint.   Reading about job loss and the unemployment period, will help you ideally make better financial choices to navigate this temporary challenge.  If you are new to the claims process, a simple overview guiding you through the procedure is available under the claimant tab.

One important place to start is by exploring eligibility.  There are rules that may or may not qualify you for South Carolina unemployment benefits.  To summarize the claims process, you will need to file an initial claim.  Then, you will be required to register for work within the allocated time frame.  Then, you will need to file a claim weekly.  The main reason for filing your SC weekly claim to receive benefits is to ensure that you remain eligible.  You can file weekly claims in a number of ways.  The methods available include online, at the office in person, and via a system called telclaim.  In my opinion, filing your weekly claim online is the easiest method by which to complete the process. Then again, if you do not have a computer handy, completing the requirements via phone might be a preferable approach.

There are laws that govern DEW (The South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce).  Information about this government entity and resources for employers can be found on the SC DEW site at www.dew.sc.gov.   There are even employment figures that you can find posted to give you up to date information on the employment environment.  According to the statistics posted, South Carolina’s employment outlook is improving.  It feels good to see that the unemployment rate is improving in South Carolina.  SC was hit unusually hard during this major recession.  However, if there is still someone looking for a job, then that is still one too many people unemployed.

In addition to accessing information on labor statistics, those looking for jobs or those filing unemployment claims, can read the labor market report.  If you are eligible, make sure you sign up for your benefits and take advantage the safety net that has been put into place for those who have lost their jobs.  Remember that this is an official government site, so dew.sc.com would not take you to the desired location.  There are many ways by which to receive your South Carolina unemployment benefits.  The days of getting an unemployment check are the old ways of receiving payment.  You can now get your unemployment benefits via direct deposit.  You can also get it via a debit card.  These methods are more economical and in my opinion faster and easier to use.

If you wish to change the way in which you receive payment, you can do so in an easy process that is available online.  Dew.sc.gov will allow you to change this.  However, you will need to adjust your method of payment via the mybenefits login.  There is a special section for those residing outside of South Carolina, who are still trying to obtain state benefits.  Get the help you need, make a new unemployment claim or file your weekly one online as required.

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