Www.DenningsSettlement.com – Clearwire Internet Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.DenningsSettlement.com – Clearwire Internet Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

There is a Clearwire Internet Class Action Lawsuit Settlement  because of the allegations that the company misrepresented the Internet speed intentionally. The company is also accused of providing poor Internet service and also poor phone service. The company also charged the customers with early termination fees or ETFs that did not allow the customers to terminate their service even though they were getting poor service. If you are eligible to get compensation for this, you must submit a claim form by January 9 2013. There are a number of different Groups that you can fall into. You can get more information on this at the www.DenningsSettlement.com site.

There are basically 3 groups who are eligible. The first group are those who paid an ETF to Clearwire. This was after they cancelled because of the poor service. This group will receive 50% of the amount of the ETF that was paid. The second group Group 2 is all those who subscribed to the service before September 1, 2010. This group should have had poor internet speeds and this group will get $14 . This also includes those who had service before February 27, 2012. These will get amounts for each month that they had the Clearwire Service. The amount paid will depend on the Internet Speed. Fo this with the internet speed levels at 0.25 Mbps will get $5.00, 0.60 Mbps will get $3 and 1.0 Mbps will get $2. The third group are those who had service from the company after September 1, 2010 and who had slow Internet speeds will get compensation for each month before February 27, 2012. Again the compensation will be based on the speed of the Internet. For speeds of 0.25 Mbps, the amount is $5. For speeds of 0.60 Mbps, the amount is $3. The amount for speeds of 1.0 Mbps is $2. All those who are eligible to get compensation will not get anything less than $7. You can get details of the breakdown is at  www.DenningsSettlement.com site. You will be able to get an example of how you can calculate how much you will get.

There are two ways that you can submit or send in your Clearwire Internet Class Action Lawsuit Settlement claim form. The first is by downloading the claim form and filling it out and sending it via regular mail. You have to make sure that you follow the directions and provide any and all documentation requested. If you do not have a printer to print it out, there is also a phone number that you can call in order to request for the claim form to be sent to you. If you do not wish to do this, you can also submit your claim form online. This will be the best way to do this so that you do not miss the deadline. Just submitting it does not mean that you will automatically get compensation. This is because the Settlement Administrator has to acknowledge that they received your claim form. Also if you do not fill out the form properly or do not provide any documentation requested, then you will not get the compensation. So make sure that you are careful when filling out the forms and sending it or submitting it online.

Class Counsel are the lawyers that the Court has appointed to help you out. The Class Counsel will be paid from the settlement amount. In this case, they payment for fees and services will not exceed $2 million. This amount also include the fees provided to the Plaintiffs. Plaintiffs are the people who originally filed the lawsuits that eventually lead to this settlement. The plaintiffs will each get up to $2,000 each. The Final Approval Hearing will be on November 30, 2012. During this time, the amount that will be set aside for the lawyers and the plaintiffs will be finalized. If there are no objections and no appeals, the payments will be sent out pretty soon after the hearing. The amount that you get and when you get it will depend on this. If the objections and appeals are not approved or settled, it will be a long time before you get anything. So please be patient. If you want to know about the objections and appeals, I suggest that you attend the hearing. Then you will know exactly what is happening. However, ifiyou cannot go, then you can always check the settlement website for the latest information.

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