Www.DendreonSecuritiesLitigation.com – Dendreon Securities Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.DendreonSecuritiesLitigation.com – Dendreon Securities Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

If you bought Dendreon common stock at any time from April 29, 2010 to August 3, 2011, then you are eligible to take part and get benefits or compensation. The reason for filing the original lawsuit is because the company apparently misled the buyers of the stock by providing false claims about the stock itself. The amount of the fund from which all parties will be paid if approved is $40 million. This is in cash. So what do you need to do in order to be able to get some of this money? You will of course have to abide by certain legal actions. In this case, to be eligible, you will have to send in a Dendreon Securities Class Action Lawsuit Settlement claim form which can be found at the www.dendreonsecuritieslitigation.com site. The deadline for you to do this is September 7, 2013.

Usually if you are a class member, you will get a notice in the mail. However, it is not always the case that if you receive a notice then you are eligible. Things or circumstances may have changed. So even if you do receive a notice do not  automatically assume that you are a part of the case. Make sure that you have bought the said stocks during the time period mentioned. If you did not then you are not eligible to apply. You can download the instructions at the www.dendreonsecuritieslitigation.com site. The original lawsuit is known as In re Dendreon Corporation Class Action Litigation. The case number is C11-01291JLR.  If you decide to take part, then you must not get anyone else to file on your behalf. If you bought the stocks with others, then each one of you must sign the form. If there is more than one person, then the owners can have their social security numbers used to identify their claims.

You will have to write down each transaction. This has to be done in a chronological order. This order is determined by the date that you made the trade. You must start with the earliest date of purchase. Each transaction must be accurate. The accuracy is in terms of the date. You should also provide proper documentation to show that these transactions occurred when you say they occurred. If you do not provide the documentation, then there could be a delay in making sure that your claim is valid. When the settlement administrator gets your claim form, the information that you provided has to be verified. Hence this process will be made more difficult if you did not provide anything to show that your information is correct. Your claim could also be rejected because of this.

If for any reason the settlement is not approved, then nobody will get any money or benefits. The plaintiffs also will not get anything even though they filed the original lawsuit. How much you get will depend on the number of stocks that you bought. The amount that you get is also affected by the amount of claims that are filed. The more claims there are that have been verified as valid claims, the less you will get. There is also a Plan of Allocation that the will be consulted. If you are not sure what this is, then you can call the settlement administrator who will be able to let you know what this is all about. If you are not able to get a hold of the Dendreon Securities Class Action Lawsuit Settlement administrator, then you can also try to reach out to the class counsel. These are attorneys that are supposed to represent the class members.

The approval of the settlement will be decided during the Final Fairness Hearing. During this time, the judge will listen to all parties and anyone else who has requested to speak. For example, if you object to the settlement, then you can request to speak. If you do not make the request, then you basically cannot speak. So this hearing will be on August 2, 2013. This will be in Seattle, Washington. If you live in or around Seattle, then you can easily go to the court. However, if you live far away, it is not a requirement that you attend this in order to get compensation. You can file your claim form and not go to court. You will still get the money if your claim is valid and has been verified.

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