Www.dcss.dhs.georgia.gov – Child Support Services – Georgia

Www.dcss.dhs.georgia.gov – Child Support Services – Georgia

Get the child support information and help you need to make sure your child has everything he or she needs.  If you are seeking child support services from the Georgia Department of Human Services than look no further than dcss.dhs.georgia.gov.  Many services are available to you.  For example, information on visitation, debit card payment for child support, establishing paternity, settlement negotiation, and much more.  When you have a child, it can be very difficult to raise him or her on your own. That is why it is important that the responsible parties support that life.  If you have encountered a situation and reside in Georgia, you should turn to the Child Support Services of Georgia for insight, guidance, and the help you need.  One of the best resources available, is an overview of the process.  Let’s face it, it can be a daunting task to navigate the process of getting support for your children.  There is no reason to be scared or worried.  The process is straight forward and many people are there at the department to help you through the tenuous times. The first stage is to make sure you open up a support case for your child.  You should begin by calling the office via the Georgia DHS toll free number to arrange your own appointment. 

The second step in the process can sometimes be one that has made you procrastinate the entire process. As stated on the Www.dcss.dhs.georgia.gov page, the second step is ascertain where the non custodial parent resides.  That can be difficult for some as they might not know where that other parent it is.  In fact, it can take a long time to find them.  Also more frustrating is the fact that the responsible party might not be found.  But I would not give up. It can get disheartening, but I would encourage you to still look for the responsible parent.  Also, don’t assume they are hiding from you.  In fact, I have heard many stories where the father didn’t even know he was a father until contacted.

The third step for you might be to establish paternity.  It can be very frustrating if someone denies that they are the father of a child.  My friend encountered that situation and she felt helpless about that situation.  However, there is a test available that actual helps determine paternity.  She learned about it initially from seeing a television show.  One test is done through swabbing saliva and has a tendency to be very accurate.  That can help you establish paternity and move on potentially to the next step of the process when seeking child support in the sate of Georgia. 

The next step in your quest for Georgia Child Support that you will want to complete is a simple one.  It might take you a long time to get there based on your particular circumstance, but I feel you will find this step easy.  According to the www.dcss.dhs.georgia.gov site, you will want to apply for a child support order. Once this process is completed, the next component is to make sure the payment is set up.  It appears that the payment that is due may be taken out of the non-custodial parent’s work paycheck if ordered. Other arrangements might be established as per a court order.  Each case could potentially be handled differently. 

The final step of the process may unfortunately be enforcement of a court order for child support. After all, even though ordered, a non custodial parent might not pay and may be held in contempt of the court order. There are protocols in place to deal with this issue.  Hopefully, this will not arise for you. Ideally, the responsible party will pay the correct amount as required per month.  Sometimes you just need to take the first step and get the process started. Many people are intimidated by the child support process, but there is no need to be.  Georgia Child Support Services can help you navigate the process.  The sooner you start, the happier you and your child could be.  There is even a news section to keep you up to date with current DHS happenings.  If you would like to go to an office in person, you can find a list of locations on their official page.  In fact, they make it easy to search by county.

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