Www.DavisCarSettlement.com – Carfax Vehicle History Report Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.DavisCarSettlement.com – Carfax Vehicle History Report Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

You may be able to get compensation in the Carfax Vehicle History Report Class Action Lawsuit Settlement which can be found at www.DavisCarSettlement.com if you bought a Carfax Vehicle History Report between October 1, 1998 to December 31, 2007 if you are in Oho, Oklahoma, Texas and Tennessee. If you live in California, then you are eligible to take part if you bought it from February 17, 2002 to December 31, 2007. If you are in North Carolina, the time period is between May 1, 2001 to December 31, 2007.

So what will you get if you take part in the Carfax Vehicle History Report Class Action Lawsuit Settlement at www.DavisCarSettlement.com site? Basically you will get a settlement voucher. This voucher is for $3 and you can convert it into cash. You must submit a claim form if you wish to get it. The deadline to do this is February 21, 2013. You can download a special claim form at the website. This claim form will have ta bar code. You will have to fill out a form in order to get access to the claim form. This will be a personalized form that will contain the information that you fill out in the form. You will then have to print this out and fill in the rest of the information. Then you can mail it. Make sure that you include all the information requested and also include any and all documentation that may be needed in addition to the claim form. Sometimes you may be required to show proof of purchase.

If you feel that the amount given to you is too small, you can also opt out and sue the company on your own. However, there is no guarantee that if you sue you will get more money than if you decide to just submit the claim form. Do not forget that you will incur legal fees if you decide to sue. So take that into account as legal fees can be very steep and whatever you do end up getting may all go to the lawyers anyway. You must opt out by January 7, 2013. If you do not do it by that date than you are stuck with the settlement. So the only other option would be for you to fill out the claim form and get something. If you do not do that than you get nothing.

The Final Fairness hearing will be on February 21, 2013. this will be at 9 a.m. in Norman, Oklahoma. At this court hearing, a number of things will be decided. One of them is the amount that the attorneys will get. Right now there could be approval for legal fees of up to $775,000. This will be in cash. The two representative plaintiffs will get up to $1000 each. The motion for the attorneys fees will be available when it is filed. You will be able to view it at the settlement website. This will be about 45 days before the hearing. So you can check the website for this information around that time.

The lawsuit is known as the Davis v. Carfax, Inc. Also the number is CJ-04-1316L. If you are a Class Member and eligible to take part, you will most probably get a notice in the mail. You have to remember that if you file, then you give up your right to file a lawsuit against the company for what this settlement is for. So this means that you will accept the $3 and you can no longer sue them every on this issue. You can also get information on the defendant’s counsel and also the class counsel. The defendant’s counsel are lawyers for the Defendants. The Class Counsel are lawyers for the you. You can contact the Class Counsel at anytime if you have questions or concerns. The name and address of the both sets of counsel are provided on the site. There are no phone numbers however. You will have to send then a regular letter as there is not even an email address. Usually you will get a phone number and even an email address. Not in this case however. This also makes it harder to contact them. However, it may easier for you to contact the Settlement Administrator if you do have questions. A toll free phone number is provided and you can call and talk to someone about whatever issue you are having.

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