Www.Compass.ga.gov – Compass GA: Get Food Stamps, Medicaid, Child Care

Www.Compass.ga.gov – Compass GA: Get Food Stamps, Medicaid, Child Care

Apply for your benefits now from Compass or Common Point of Access to Social Services.  The system is easy to use and gets you the benefits you need as quickly as possible via www.compass.ga.gov.  You can learn on www.compass.ga.gov if you are eligible, apply for benefits, login to your mycompass account, learn about providers, and check on the status of your application.   The compass program is a division of family and children services.  The best start is to view what resources are available in your area. There is even an online hotline to help you with their services.  This hotline number is toll free too. Getting the help you need in the form of food stamps or child care has never been easier if you are a resident of Georgia.

When you navigate to the section for food stamps, medicaid, and child care, you will be asked if you want to start a new application or continue an existing application.  You can also check your status of your submission from the hours of 7am to 7pm too.   There is even a help icon should you need assistance.   The one important thing to remember when using the www.compass.ga.gov page is to not use your back button when you have started your apply for benefits application.  Instead, you are kindly asked to use the buttons in the actual site.  You shouldn’t feel ashamed getting the help that is available for you.  I know I have my pride and thing I can get by on my own, but sometimes you need that helping hand.  Please take advantage of the medicaid or snap if you need that help.  There is no reason to go hungry or suffer in this tough economic time.

One of the other great parts of the compass (common point access to social services) are the health services.  Once you have a MyCompass account you can log in to manage and view your account.  To use the Mycompass you will need to create a user name and a password on the official site when prompted.   If you don’t have an account, you can create an account to beging the process.   It is stated that this process would only take about 5 minutes and should be completed in six steps.  Be aware that www.compass.gov will not take you to the necessary site for the state of georgia.  Please make sure you add the GA.

Take a few minutes to do what is right for you you and your family get the health and human services you need from the state of Georgia.  Make sure you are accessing a government site.  Simply put, www.compass.ga.com will not work.  You need to use the gov extension to apply for your benefits.  The sooner you get started, the sooner you will receive the help you need.  I find the site very easy to use and intuitive.  If you are not comfortable applying for state government, there are many local charitable organizations that can extend a helping hand too.

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