Www.ClubPenguin.com/GameCard – Club Penguin Full Access – Games, Parties, & Puffles

Www.ClubPenguin.com/GameCard –  Club Penguin Full Access – Games, Parties, & Puffles

Play all of the games in club penguin and get access to the parties and the puffles in the colors you couldn’t get.  It’s easy to start the club penguin fun when you activate your giftcard on clubpenguin.com/gamecard.  You get exclusive access with membership and that means more fun.  In fact, you can improve your igloo and modify your igloo music.  I love playing club penguin and kids love it to.  It is from Disney so you know it is quality fun for the whole entire family.  The best part of club penguin is designing your penguin.  You get to pick what color they will be and there are lots of colors to choose from.  Yes, you can pick traditional black for your penguin, but I went with pink because it is a fun and fresh color.  Also, where have you ever seen a pink penguin before.  Also, my club penguin is easy to spot in the crowd and I feel it really represents my fun personality it.  I also have a puffle and love my it.  Now with the new gift card i got at my local store, I am in a select membership group that comes with lots of great perks.

With your gamecard in hand, you will need to activate it.  The club penguin activation process is an easy one as I discovered at the official www.clubpenguin.com/gamecard site.  Simply put, you will need your penguin name and your password.  I had so much fun naming my penguin.  I can begin to tell you how many names I went through before I came up with the perfect one.  I really liked priscilla the pink pretentious penguin as a name for a long time, but I thought of a shorter one.  In addition to providing you penguin’s name, you will also be required to submit your password for activation purposes.  Of course to activate, you will have to enter your membership card number in the three boxes listed.  Numbers can be found from what I understand on either a membership card or certificate.

There are so many things to do.  Did you know that they have an upcoming penguin party in April?  Also you can blog and enjoy the fan gallery. If you want, you can even access the activation page via www.clubpenguin.com/membership.   And who knows, maybe you might want to check out the featured igloo.  I love the igloos in club penguin land, but I wonder what it would really be like living in one.  I would imagine that it would be cold, but I have heard that it is a moderate temperature which I find hard to believe.  I have tried building igloos when it has snowed.  But i can never get that curved quality that we often see.  One winter I got a block former to build an igloo.  It was really neat because it allow you to scoop snow, but the snow would come out as a perfect building block.  My sister and me spent all day building our snow fort, but we never did get a roof on our igloo.  Well thank goodness we don’t have to work like that to build an igloo on ClubPenguin.

In addition to checking your club penguin igloos that are featured, you might want to take the Penguin Poll. Who doesn’t love taking time out of their day for www.clubpenguin.com play time and polls.  The last poll I took, they wanted to know what song I wanted them to remix.  So I based my decision on what I thought my puffles would want to listen to.  I love puffles. They are so cute and fun to have around with you on the island.   You can also participate in arts and crafts that are featured prominently at club penguin.  They even have a recipes section too.  Arts & crafts and foods would have to be two of my favorite past times when not playing club penguin games. With a 12 month membership, I am sure I will have plenty of new arts and crafts projects in that time period that I can hang on my bedroom wall.

You can also collect things too when not enjoying the free stuff.  However, remember to really enjoy all of the offerings on club penguin you have to activate your gift card on the official site www.clubpenguin.com/gamecard.   You get access to so many things when you are a member you will be glad you did.  You might even ask for a CP gift card as a present for your birthday.  With your membership activated, you will never want to leave Disney’s Club Penguin site.  If you haven’t designed your penguin and started playing, join in.  It is free to start and you will be entertained for hours.

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