Www.chevroncards.com – Get Fuel Credits With A Chevron Card

Www.chevroncards.com – Get Fuel Credits With A Chevron Card

Gas prices are so expensive. However, if you get a Chevron card that is available through www.chevroncards.com, you could possibly earn fuel credits that will save you a lot of money.  In fact,  according to one of their introductory Chevron credit card offers, it appears you can earn fuel credits of 10 cents per gallon for a limited time to be applied later. As with all great offers that have incentives tied to them, you must read all of the legal requirements associated with this offer.  Simply stated, you need to make sure you qualify for the offer and that you agree with all terms and services.  Furthermore, it appears that some may not qualify for a chevron credit card.  But please read the terms and conditions to determine this and other important information regarding this offer on the official site noted above.  I know I would truly enjoy saving some money potentially when I fill up in the future.  As a result, I am going to apply for this chevron credit card offer myself.  Other cards will offer rewards like trips.  However, to be honest, I want to save some money on things I use every day.  After all, if I am watching my pennies, I won’t be able to go on a vacation even if I get a free ticket.  

Another thing I like about their offer is that I get to pick my card.  I can pick a Chevron card or a Texaco card.  You can look at them on the www.chevroncards.com site and decide which one you want.  They even give you a Chevron Texaco Card as a choice as well. There are even other benefits that you could potentially get with the card.  For example, Cash Access protocols and zero fraud liability programs appear to be available with these cards.  Read the specifics on them so you know what is included and, more importantly, if you have to pay for these benefits or not.  I usually get an optional insurance program when I get my cards, as I like to feel protected.  I am truly one who appreciates knowing things are covered in the event of something happening. 

You can also access the information via www.chevroncard.com in case you forget it is plural.  No matter how you get there, it appears that the process of applying is simple. They require some basic information that shouldn’t take much time to complete.  If you only have one card, you should consider getting another card from a different provider.  To me, this provides peace of mind when you are on the road.  I remember one time I was taking a long trip and I only had one credit card.  I used it for all kinds of expenses including gas along the interstate.  However, for some reason, the competing credit card company (not the Chevron Card) thought that there was fraudulent activity and froze my card.  Then, one early morning I went to fill up at a gas station with one of those automatic devices and it was declined.  I didn’t have any money or any other card and I had to spend hours on the phone trying to resolve the issue so that I could fill up and go on down the road.  That was truly a scary situation. However, if I had a second card with me like the Cheveroncard, I would have had another one to use.  More importantly, I would have been down the road a couple hours earlier. 

Another reason to get a Chevron Card is that the designs are sleek and stylish.  I always loved the cute cars that Chevron featured in their materials.  Now, it appears that I can get them on one of their card designs.  They make me smile.  If you are not a fan of cute, you should check out the sleek Texaco card.  It has on part of it a checker flag that looks sophisticated and fun.  You can see them on the chevroncards.com page when you get to choose which card you want to apply for.  I think I will go for the card that features both as a great compromise. 

A chevron card can be a great addition to your wallet.  Not only will you feel good about having a first or potentially second credit card to rely on, you will also enjoy the potential fuel credits you may earn.  My mom likes to save money, so I’m sure she will probably apply as well.  If you do share this opportunity with your friends or family, make sure you send them to the proper destination.  Simply put, going to www.chevron.com/card will not get you there.  Go to the proper one listed above and hopefully you will soon be a proud owner of a new Chevron Card with it’s special introductory offer.  

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