Www.CayenneClassAction.com – Porsche Cayenne Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

 Www.CayenneClassAction.com – Porsche Cayenne Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The amount that has been set aside for this case is $45 million. Out of this fund, all those who own the Porsche Cayenne will get money back if they had paid for repairs. The repairs must have been on the coolant pipes for the vehicles. The alleged accusation here is that the company put plastic cooling tubes that did not work right in the vehicles. The vehicles covered are the 2003 to 2006 model. The pipes apparently break or fracture. This can damage the engine of the vehicles involved. The company decided to give an update kit instead of repairing the cars. The update kit cost anywhere from $1500 to $3600. The case has been going on for almost two years now. Finally there is a settlement. You can get detailed information at the www.cayenneclassaction.com site on this case.

Many people who owned the Porsche Cayenne filed separate lawsuits against the company because of the plastic coolant pipes. If you wish to get compensation, you do not have to fill out a claim form right now. In fact you do not need to do anything. You may have to fill out the claim form later though. You should however, look for your documentation that shows that you are the owner of the vehicle. You should also find documents that show the repairs that you had to make to your engine. If you have contacted Porsche about the issue, the settlement administrators would like to find out more about this and would like you to contact them. You can do that at the Porsche Cayenne Class Action Lawsuit Settlement website at www.cayenneclassaction.com. There is an online form that you can fill out and submit. Also if your car had a severe problem as as result of the coolant pipe, then you should also contact them. Use the same form for this purpose.

Plaintiffs actually want the company to recall the vehicles. They want the company to fix the issues and put aluminum coolant tubes instead of the plastic ones. It can also be replaced with another tube that is stronger than plastic. So if the lawsuit is approved, then the company will have to recall the vehicles that are affected. Right now there is no such information yet. If you would like to submit your information while waiting for the Porsche Cayenne Class Action Lawsuit Settlement to be approved, you can do that at the site. There is a registration database. Your data will then be given to a lawyer.

The form for the additional information asks for your personal information such as first name, last name, email address and country. You will also have to submit the vehicle year and the trim. Additional information that is required also include the mileage, the ownership status, the coolant pipe status. There is other information that you can enter if you wish but is not required. So it is up to you how much information you would like to provide the lawyers. You can also attach any documents that you want there.

I would suggest that you provide this information only if you want to. You do not have to provide this information or attach any documents for you to be eligible to get the refund. So do not think that if you do not fill this out then you will not get any benefits. Also even though it is stated that the information that you submit will be secure, you should still be cautious about providing this information. If you do want to fill out the form but have some questions about what will happen to your data, an email is provided for you to submit your questions to. You can do that and wait for a response before proceeding. I would suggest that you wait for the claim form and fill that out. In the meantime you can gather all the information that you may need in order to fill out the form.

If you want to find out about the consolidated complaint, you can also do that. This document is provided to you in PDF format and you can either read it online or download it to your desktop. You can also print this if you want. This case is also known as the In Re: Porsche Cars North America, Inc, plastic coolant tubes products liability litigation. The case number is 2:11-MD-2233.

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