Www.CaLottery.com – CA Lottery Winning Numbers / 2nd Chance Entry

Www.CaLottery.com – California Lottery Winning Numbers / 2nd Chance Entry

Check out if you have won the California State Lottery and if you haven’t, don’t worry. Log on now to get your 2nd Chance to win with CALottery Replay.  It’s easy, It’s fun, and it is yet another way to win big.  You know you love all the games on the CAL Lottery whether it is SuperLotto Plus or Fantasy 5 or Mega Millions or Scratchers, but Replay gives you a chance to win again.  To have a second chance, you need to play any of the eligible scratchers tickets.  If they are not winners, log on to www.calottery.com and enter them to win.  Some people have won as much as $1,000,000 with the the second chance replay.

Today could be your lucky day.  Just check your other winning numbers and tickets first for such games as CA Super Lotto, and Fantasy Five, and Mega Millions.  If you didn’t win there, that’s okay because you always can play scratchers and have a second chance.  Some of the hottest games on scratchers include Red Hot 7s, Wild 8s, Cool 7s, Bingo, King and Queens, 5x crossword, and Mega Crossword, and Tripling Crosswords.   All of these games are fun and you can win huge prizes on each. In fact, up to 75,000 on Mega Crossword.  Scratchers make great gifts, as they are not only fun, but they can reap big rewards for the recipient.   Start you week off right with Calotto or Mega Millions or Scratchers and live life on easy street if you hit it big. New games are always being added, so look to see what other fun games are headed your way on www.calottery.com today.

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