Www.BoATCPASettlement.com – Bank Of America TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.BoATCPASettlement.com – Bank Of America TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Bank of America has been the target of many class action lawsuits. Most of them have lead to some kind of settlement. This is another. Apparently the reason for this one is that the bank was in violation of the TCPA. TCPA stands for Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They did this by using automated dialing in conjunction with a pre-recorded message and/or a text message. This was done without the consent of the person receiving these calls. So if you got a postcard about this case in the mail, then it means that you are most likely eligible to get some kind of compensation in this case. You can discover more about this at the www.BoATCPASettlement.com site. If you did not get the postcard, this does not mean that you are not able to take part. Basically if you got an automatic call from the bank about a residential mortgage loan account that you set up, then you can take part. The time period within which you should have gotten that call was from May 16, 2007 to January 31, 2013. You can also take part if you get an automatic text form the bank about a credit card account withe the bank. The time period covered for that is from February 22, 2009 to December 31, 2010.

The original name of the case is Rose v. Bank of Am. Corp. The case number is 11-cv-02390-EJD. If you are not sure what kind of message you should have received, you can go to the www.BoATCPASettlement.com site to find out from the FAQ. You can also get in touch with the Settlement Administrator who can let you know if you are indeed eligible. If you are, then you can get a sum of money from the $32,083,905. If after everything has been paid for and covered including the payment to the class member, the payment of any fees and costs associated with the administration of the case and payment to attorneys and plaintiffs, there is money left over, the money will be donated. The sum of money left over has to be below $50,000. This will be donated to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

You will have to send in a valid claim form before a certain date in order to get the money. You may get anywhere from $20 to $40. You can only send in one claim for each case. This means that you fill out and send in only one claim form for the mortgage calls and one claim for the credit card calls even though you may have received multiple calls or texts within the time period mentioned.

The Bank Of America TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement has not been approved yet. The approval process will take place during the court hearing which will be held on April 4, 2014. This is when the court will decide whether to approve the case. The case will most likely be approved as there have been many cases such as this one that has been approved. Many class members in those cases received money after the fairness hearing was held in those cases. In some cases, they got their payment very quickly. In other cases, those payments took a long time in coming. This is because there were appeals. These appeals had to be resolved before payment could be released. In some cases, this took years to resolve.

I get very irritated when I get calls that I did not ask to receive. The problem with these types of calls is that there is nobody at the other end. It is just a recorded message. So you basically are not able to tell the caller that you do not want to receive these calls anymore. So you end up getting every single call that they decide to make. This is just so irritating. Even more irritating is to get text messages. I think I dislike that even more.

So if I were you and I got these call or these text messages, I definitely would take part and fill out the form. After all, the money is already there and if you do not take part, then other people will get your share of the funds in the sense that they will get a bigger amount.

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