Www.BlueBird.com – BlueBird Card – Check Balance or Sign Up

Www.BlueBird.com – BlueBird Card – Check Balance or Sign Up

American Express has a great new card called Bluebird available on www.bluebird.com.  If you are tired of the crazy fees that some banks charge, then this might be the alternative to a checking account you were looking for.  I know with my checking account, I encounter outrageous fees.  The funny thing is that when you don’t have money in the account they keep charging you more and more dollars.  I knew there was a better way and I feel I have found it in BlueBird from American Express.  In fact, I know it is going to be good because American Express has a great reputation.  Some of the features of the Blue Bird card include the ability to make direct deposits to your account.   You can even deposit checks with some phones into your account as well. They even provide, it appears, the opportunity to create sub accounts for specific people as a way to potentially manage family spending.  If there is one group of people that need the help with family spending, it is ours.  The BlueBird card looks like it can not only do that, but it looks like it could save us money over what we are using now.

In addition to potentially saving me from all those excessive traditional checking account fees that deplete my savings, the BlueBird card also appears to allow me to potentially track purchases.  You can register for the card online at the official www.bluebird.com site.  If you are like me, you will be glad to know that their is an alternative out there.  If I have the ability to check where my spending is going, I know that will be very beneficial.  So much of my money seems to escape into the ether.  Also, if I could potentially track my family’s spending, then we could maybe stay on a budget.  I’m excited about trying the BlueBird card in the hopes it will get us on the right track.  You and your family can try the card as well. Another great thing about this card is that there are no credit reviews. That’s good to know if you were worried about that being a component of the process.

They even have a Bluebird mobile app that you could potentially use on the go.  It appears American Express has thought of everything. I know I will be using the account management function all the time.  When online at bluebird.com check balance will be the first thing I probably do.  Then, of course, I will look at the places I spent my money.  If I use the sub accounts, I will check to see where everyone else is spending too.  The features that come with the card are impressive.  For instance, it looks like you potentially get fraud protection with your bluebird card.  Of course, you should always read all of the legal stipulations that accompany signing up for the card to make sure you understand fully the terms and conditions. It is good to know the parameters in advance, so you don’t get surprises down the road.

Furthermore, it appears that you get other benefits with the bluebird card too.  Check out all the perks on the bluebird.com page. What you pay for their services is a deal compared to what I am paying.  I like being frugal in this bad economy.  As a result, I would recommend the bluebird card by American Express to all my friends.  The card also is very stylish looking. I know that I would be proud using it at all my favorite retailers.  You can also use your bluebird card at ATM machines that take american express.  That provides me with lots of places to go to use my card.  With my current bank card, I always feel like I am running all over town to find my bank’s atm machine. I feel as if I spend a lot of money and time in gas doing that.  With the American Express bluebird card, I know I can use my card in the ATM just down the street.  If you would like the flexibility of using a card at ATMs that accept Amex, then bluebird might be the right card for you.  If not convinced yet, I feel their fee chart will help win you over. After all, I think it is a great value.

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