Www.bkcrowncard.com/balance – Check BK Crown Card Balance

Www.bkcrowncard.com/balance – Check BK Crown Card Balance

If you are wondering what is the balance on your Burger King Crown Card, then check the amount on www.bkcrowncard.com/balance. Checking the balance is easy and you will know how much you have left to spend.  Where prompted, enter your card number.  I always enjoy learning I have money left on my BK Crown Card because that means a free lunch for me. On the Burger King page, you can not only check your balance, it appears you can also order an egift card and have it sent to an email address.  There are other options on where you can have it sent too.  For instance, you can send it to a wall post on Facebook or a mobile. I have even sent egift cards to friends who have forgotten their money for lunch.  Remember that tactic when a loved one calls and says I don’t have any money to eat; I left my wallet at home.  We have all been there and we feel helpless.  However, if you have your mobile, a loved one can send you an egift card to say Burger King and they can get a meal compliments of your generosity and your quick thinking. 

In addition to purchasing an Burger King egift card and sending it to someone’s email address, you should check the balance on your crown card on the www.bkcrowncard.com/balance site. While there, you might want to check out the commercials they feature.  One is especially cute.  In it, the family is bringing home a big dog and they go to the Burger King drive through.  Like the kids in the back seat, the dog also wants some great tasting food.  Watching it will not only make you feel sentimental, but it will also make you crave a tasty Burger King hamburger and shake.  

If you own a business and you have employees to reward, you might want to honor special employees by ordering corporate gift cards.  They look sleek with the gold crown on the front.  Perhaps, you can give one to the most deserving person once a month. To me, it’s like getting that gold star in class for a job well done. You might also want to know your bkcrowncard.com balance if you are giving it to a family member to use.  After all, you don’t want someone ordering and there not being enough on your card to pay for it. I also like to hide an extra gift card or money in a loved ones bag or car.  That way if there is an issue, I can instruct them where to find some additional help.  

If you are not sure where to use your Burger King gift card, you can find a restaurant location on the bkcrowncard.com/balance page.  I like using this resource when I travel because I crave whoppers. When I’m not familiar with an area, I just enter the zip code and I’m one step closer to getting the food I enjoy.  Try it when you need to find a Burger King location.  If you have questions about your card, you might also want to use the toll free number they list on their page to contact them. 

On the other hand, if you have a general question about your bk crown card balance or anything else related to your giftcard, you should probably start by reviewing the frequently asked questions section.  For example, it appears that you can potentially consolidate the balances on many cards on to one. If you are like me, I sometimes end up with multiple cards.  However, instead of consolidating them on to one, I just go to the store and order a lot of stuff so I only have one card remaining.  I feel it gives me a way of splurging without feeling guilty about my actions.  

If you are looking to give a present, you can’t go wrong by giving a Burger King Crown Card gift card.  Everyone I know loves Burger King food and they will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness. It also seems that you can get different cards with occasion specific messages on them. For example, they are great for birthdays and for thanking people who did something nice for you.  I will give one to my neighbor for taking care of my pets when I go away.  When you give one, I would also write a note and tell them how to check their BK Crown Card balance after they have used it once. I always like to make sure that I put a large enough amount on the gift cards to make sure there is enough for a return trip.  To me, they will think of you twice when they redeem the value on the card you gave them. 

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