Www.BBT.com/PlanTrac – BB&T Plan Trac – Online Access for Retirement Planning

Www.BBT.com/PlanTrac – BB&T Plan Trac – Secure Online Access for Retirement

Access your BB&T Retirement Planning online.  With secure online access, you can view your balance and make changes to your allocations.  You can also change your contribution rate as well.  More importantly, you need to keep track of your funds’ values and performance.  On www.bbt.com/plantrac you can also verify you past account history. BB&T Plantrac is here to help you have a secure and comfortable retirement.  Take advantage of the available 401k and 403b plans you are eligible for and save for your future.  Plan Trac also offers printable versions of important documents for future reference.  If you need help planning, be sure to make full use of the provided investment consulting services.

BBT Plantrac can even provide you with locations and contact information.   In addition to 401(k) and  403 (b) options, you may also qualify for profit sharing plans.  Furthermore, you may be eligible for a defined benefit plan.  Employees will find the information beneficial and easy to access online.  There is even a section to help you learn and to help you plan.  For example, you might not know what ESOPs are.  But don’t worry.  Resources are available to help you every step of the way.  After all, this is BB&T we are talking about.  So get Plantrac account access today and start your retirement off on the right foot at Www.BBT.com/PlanTrac.

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