Www.Ark.org/mycase – Track Your Child Support Case Online with OSCE MyCase

Www.Ark.org/mycase – Track Your Child Support Case Online with OSCE MyCase

You need to provide for your child and that means making sure that your child receives the support he or she deservess. One way to make sure you child gets the support you need is by filing an Arkansas Child support claim and tracking it online with OSCE mycase, especially if there is someone who is not making their payments.  OSCE stands for Office of Child Support Enforcement and will help you manage your active case online.  You might want to sign up and take a tour of the site so that you can truly understand all of the features and resources.  If you register, the Arkansas Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) may allow you to view up to six months of payments made for child support.

There are other things that you can do on this site too.   For example, you can view on the official site www.ark.org/mycase forms electronically.  You also will be able to update personal information such as your address and information on employers.  In addition, other important information about online services and agencies can be accessed too.  Getting child support payments is crucial for your child’s welfare.  My friend has a child and her husband started paying child support, but then stopped.  Although the process was long and could be frustrating, government processes do work at getting you the help you need.  She had to be conscientious in everything she did.  She completed all her forms and showed up for all her meetings.  As you can imagine, her ex husband fought her every step of the way.  Eventually, she did prevail and the state made sure that he would be required to make payments.  However, having that decree didn’t help her at that point in time.  Even though he was ordered to give child support, he just refused to pay her.  That was sad that the kids were getting hurt because he did not want to pay.  Eventually, she would have to follow additional steps and eventually they started to garnish his wages.  It was so sad that it had to go that far.  Unfortunately, they could not garnish his wages for very long.  The husband got so mad that they were taking money from his check to pay for his kids, he quit his job.

Hopefully, you won’t encounter something as vicious and drawn out as my friend’s pursuit of chid support.  However, she did tell me that you have to be patient and follow the process.  Had she not gone through the process, she would have never received the judgment and would have never received the help of the enforcement division in her state.  Ark.og/mycase even allows you to make payments online.  If you owe child support payments in Arkansas, you might use this site to pay them.  You might also use this case information to track when you have an upcoming appointment.  You don’t want to miss one of those with so much on the line for your children’s well being.

As your first step, you will need to register before beginning and accessing your child support case information on the www.ark.org/mycase page. There appears to be many security features in place to make you feel secure when using this site.  There is also a terms of service that you need to be cognizant of.  This is a part of the DFA or Arkansas Department of Fiance and Administration.  You will want to read the frequently asked questions section should you have a question you need an answer about child support payments in the state of Arkansas.

You will have to provide a lot of information for OSCE to process your case in an effective manner.  The information you provide will be handled with care too.  Providing detailed information is key for building a strong case and getting the money for your children.  In addition to providing the information, you may have to provide to the ark.org/mycase website documentation too.   Some of the needed information might include social security number, addresses of current and past employers, the names of friends and or relatives, income information, birth certificates, and more.  It can even get tricky if paternity is an issue in the case. You may include your child support order if you have one to build your case.

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