Www.AOLSearchDataSettlement.com – AOL Search Data Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.AOLSearchDataSettlement.com – AOL Search Data Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

If you had an AOL account from March 1, 2006 to May 31, 2006, then you can take part in this and get a payment. The reason for the lawsuit which is entitled Landwehr v. AOL Inc. is that others were able to get access to and download your search query data.  Even though AOL said that the information was anonymous, some users believed that their identities could be obtained from that data. Because of this the company violated certain laws that pertained to privacy and consumer protection. If you think that you are affected and would definitely like to take part, then you must submit a claim form which you can get at the  www.AOLSearchDataSettlement.com site by a certain deadline. That deadline however, has not been determined yet.

So if you want to submit the AOL Search Data Class Action Lawsuit Settlement claim form but do not know when to submit it by, you can do one of two things. You can either fill out and submit the form immediately or you can wait and keep checking the www.AOLSearchDataSettlement.com site to find out when that deadline would be. The second option is a little more risky because you definitely do not want to miss the deadline. If I had to do the second option, I would most likely forget and then not submit anything. That would be a waste as then I would also lose all my other legal rights. That means that I do not get any money and I also will not be able to do anything to get any money from the company in the future for the same issue.

If you would rather retain your legal right to sue or pursue other causes of action, then you must exclude yourself legally. What this means is that you must write a letter to the Court telling them of your decision. In addition you must send this in via regular mail by May 3, 2013. Again, do not miss this deadline. Deadlines are very important in lawsuit settlements like this and late submissions of any kind will not be entertained. There is absolutely no appeal process.

Also I hate it when you private data is made available intentionally or not by the very company you expect to protect your information. I know that my friends have told me that if I am willing to put my personal information online, then expect somebody to be able to get it. Somehow you never think that it could every happen to you. To everyone else, yes. But not to you. Guess what. It can happen to you. So be prepared.

At least there are some laws that can protect you. I know of a friend who is trying to sue the company she is working for but all the lawyers that she talked to said that she did not have a case. It is very frustrating for her. However,  I am glad that if your privacy is breached online that you can sue. That there is something that you can do.

So if this happened to you, I would strongly suggest that you fill out the claim form. The amount of the lawsuit is $5 million. You will get a portion of this after the legal fees and other fees have been taken out of it. However, do not expect to get much as thousand if not millions of people may be filling out the form in order to get the same benefits that you are going for. In addition,do not expect to get paid fast. This is because the deadline for the claim form has not been set yet. Also payment will only be mailed out in the form of a check after the Final Fairness Hearing. Not only do you have to wait but also the Court has to make sure that any appeals that are made during that hearing are cleared first before they will issue the checks.

You will be surprised how long the entire process can take. It can take about as long as a number of years. Yes, years. That is surprising especially if you personally may not be getting much. So I would suggest that you find out exactly how much you can expect to get. If it is not much, it may not even be worth it to fill out the forms and then wait years for the payment. You may also have moved by then so in the end you may not even get anything.

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