www.AmericanExpress.com/pbc – American Express Pay Bill Online

AmericanExpress.com/pbc – American Express Pay Bill Online

Save time by taking advantage of online bill pay for your American Express card via www.americanexpress.com/pbc.  Simply log in using your user identification and your password.  There is even a feature that empowers you to have your information remembered.  I like that feature because if my info is saved, I can save time when I come back to the site on my same computer.  Using this feature allows me to pay my American Express Card bill online even that faster.  Now, if you are trying to login on the american express pbc page, there is even a resource for helping you if you lost or forgot your password and ID. Once you log in you can proceed to paying your bill.  When you pay your Amexcard online, you are not only saving time, but in my opinion, you are saving money.  You no longer have to find your checkbook and write out a check.  Then, you would normally have to address the envelope and seal both the payment stub and the check inside.  The next step would require you to affix a stamp to the envelope.  Finally, you would have to drive your letter to the post office or the nearest mailbox to send in your American Express payment. 

Luckily, with modern technology and American Express’s user friendly resources, you can go online, login, and pay your bill with the easy to use www.americanexpress.com/pbc page. If you haven’t tried using this feature you should.  It may require you to set up a new account.   It also gives you the option to register a new card.  To give you an idea of just how easy this service is to use, let me share a story with you.  My elderly mother barely uses a computer.  She every now and then will go on to check an email account I set up for her.  One day I heard her complaining about have to go and write out all her bills.  I said Mom you don’t have to do that anymore.  She laughed and said, I’m not dead yet.  I still have to pay my bills.  I laughed too, but told her that was not what I meant.  I explained that she did not have to pay her bills the traditional way any more.  She could pay her bills online and save time and money too. 

She looked at me in disbelief.  She then said, how am I going to send a check through a computer wise guy.  I said it’s an easy to use electronic process.  She then asked if she could pay her American Express card online.  I said absolutely.  She looked at me sternly.  I said again, you can pay your amex bill online with the americanexpress.com pbc site. After a little cajoling, I finally showed her how to do it.  She started off by asking, now how do I pay american express card online and ended by saying something different.  Her exact words were: wow, it is easy to pay bills online.  Can I do that with all my cards or just my American Express card.  I thought that was cute. 

While I don’t know about paying every single bill online, I do know that it is easy to pay your american express bill online with the americanexpress.com/pbc site. That page will not only help you pay the balance due on your american express statement, it will also give you other opportunities to access additional materials.  For example, you can gain access to your account , rewards, and other features.   They even have a help section.  I feel really lucky to have an amexcard because I believe they provide the best customer service and the easiest to use tools.  In fact, they even allow you to explore other means by which to get connected via mobile devices.  The American Express App appears to let you track how you spend and even enables you to pay your bill.  If you want convenience like that, you should consider getting one of those apps if it is compatible with your current device.  I can’t get over how much time I have saved with online bill payments for my American Express bill and other ones I owed. Try it and then share your experience with your friends. They might not know that this option exists.

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