Www.AllstateCFB.com – Allstate CFB Sweepstakes: Win Instantly

Www.AllstateCFB.com – Allstate CFB Sweepstakes: Win Instantly

Win instantly with the Allstate 60 Seconds of Mayhem Sweepstakes.   The prizes are incredible and you can play weekly.  That means more chances to win.  The great prizes include a Victory Motorcycle, a 2012 Buick Regal, A Home Makeover, A Tahoe Q7 SF ski and fish boat.  Enter on the official All State sweepstakes site at www.allstatecfb.com.    The best part of first prize is that you get to go to the BCS National Championship to kick a field goal at halftime.  If you win your chance to go to the BCS National Championship to kick it through the uprights, you will have already won the car.   The kick is for the other prizes previously mentioned.

Just getting to go out on the field at half time of the National BCS Championship to kick a field goal would be a prize in and of itself.  But getting a chance to win more is exciting.  There are of course rules and regulations that you must comply with in order to be eligible and they are clearly listed on the official entry page.  The big game will be held in New Orleans.  Will you be there?   I know that I want to be there cheering on the two teams competing for the National Championship.  I would feel like I died and gone to heaven.  Be sure to share this once in a lifetime chance with your friends.  Use the Facebook or Twitter share functions to help your friends get a shot at some great prizes.

While on the www.allstatecfb.com sweepstake site, be sure to also get a quote.  Allstate is a revered insurance company that has your best interest in mind.  It is easy and quite expeditious to get a personal insurance quote.  Just supply some basic information and you might be surprised at how easy it is to get quality insurance coverage from the leader in the business. The site also takes great care to preserve your personal information.  So seek a quote with confidence.  Once you are done with your quote, be sure to try you hand at the 60 seconds of mayhem sweepstakes by entering online.  If you don’t win, at least you will have fun watching the person who did trying to kick the field goal at halftime.

For the BCS Championship game, who is your pick? Right now it looks like LSU will be playing for the title.  Boise State looks like they are now out of the running, along with Standford.  Both teams lost and effectively ended their national championship hopes of playing in Allstate’s BCS sponsored game. Then again, there is a lot of football to play.  Perhaps, there will be a highly anticipated rematch of Alabama and LSU.  A lot is on the line for football bragging rights.

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