Www.AetnaUcrSettlement.com – Aetna Out-of-Network Provider Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.AetnaUcrSettlement.com – Aetna Out-of-Network Provider Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The amount of the settlement is $120 million. That is a lot of money to be given out to all those who are eligible. The only way that you will be able to get any money is through the claim form. You will then be given a share of the $120 million. In order to share, you will have had to have an Aetna health care insurance account between March 1, 2001 to August 30, 2013. The reason for this case is that the healthcare plan that you had was an out-of-network one. The claims you made should cover the healthcare benefits. However the company did not pay enough. You can get a copy of the claim form at the Aetna UCR Settlement website at www.aetnaucrsettlement.com. You can check the FAQ to get more information.

How much of the money you get depends on whether you select Option 1 or Option 2. There are formulas to calculate which option you fall into. This calculation can be found in the Settlement Agreement. if you did not get one in the mail, you can go to the www.aetnaucrsettlement.com site to download a copy. There are also other court documents that you can view, read and download. Most of them are in PDF format. If you file, then do not expect to get money immediately. You have to remember that millions of people are also filing or have already filed. It will take a while for the settlement administrator to go through all the claim forms. The reason that they have to do this is because some people may not have filled out the claim form properly. As a result, the administrator will have to send these back or send a letter to the claimant telling him or her of what needs to be corrected. Basically those who filed a claim form are given a second chance to fix their mistakes.

Usually late claims are not accepted. However if you forgot to file by the deadline, just fill out the form and send it in. The court will decide whether your claim will be accepted. You must file by March 28, 2014 in order to be fully in compliance. You may also include any information or documentation. I would suggest that you download the form and look at what is required of you. You can compile all the data and documents before you begin filling it out.

You can only send in one claim for each policy number. So this means that if you have two policies, then you can send in two forms. However, if you have only one policy, then that is all that you need. You can sign for another person. However, you will have to mention who you are. For example, you can be a parent or a guardian. So as I mentioned earlier, you have two options. The first one is the more simple one. You only mention the number of years that you had coverage. The time period is of course between March 2001 to August 2013.  You will het $40 per year that you were eligible. You do not have to give any documents to show this. You can get up to $30 for claims made for 2001 and 2013. So if you choose to do Option 1, you will not be able to also do Option 2. So you have to choose one or the other.

For Option 2, you must submit any documentation. This is the claim for providers. If you select this, you may get up to 5% of the Allowed Amount. Your bills must be over $750 if you are an individual and $1000 if you are a group. I know that this can be confusing but you can get more detailed information on the notice. You may have received a notice in the mail. However, if you did not, you can get it on the settlement site. That is the best place to start if you want to. However, it can be rather tedious wading through all the legal language. So if you are confused, you can always contact either the settlement administrator or the class counsel. Usually I can wade through and figure things out. This one is complicated. The FAQ page on the site provides some information but it is not as detailed as the notice.

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