Www.3GDataPlanSettlement.com – AT&T and Apple iPad Data Plan Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.3GDataPlanSettlement.com – AT&T and Apple iPad Data Plan Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

This case is also known as the In Re: Apple and AT&T iPad Unlimited Data Plan Litigation. The case number is 10-cv-02553. This case has been a long one. This is about the iPad Unlimited Data Plans that were cancelled. So if you are eligible to get compensation in this case, you will get $40. You are eligible if you bought a 3-G iPad. You should have done this before June 7, 2010. Also if you did not get the data plan offered by AT&T, then you will get a $20 discount per month. This is on a 5GB plan and in addition this will be for one year. Well it can be up to a year.  So this means that it can be less than a year but it cannot be more than a year.

The class counsel has been appointed and that is Michael W. Sobol. Another class counsel is Roger N. Heller. They are both from Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein. The class representative is Joe Hanna. The settlement administrator in this case is Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC. The settlement administrator will provide the information on any serial numbers and also IMEI numbers. This will be for all those who are eligible. They can check the serial numbers and IMEI numbers to make sure that their device is eligible.

There is a deadline for the mailing of the notice and for the sending of the email. That date is November 5, 2013. A toll free phone number will also be set up so that class members can call if they have any questions about the case. The class members will also be able to call this number if they want to ask for the claim form and also if they want a copy of the class notice. Sometimes, you may be eligible but for some reason you may not get the notice either in the mail or via email. So when that happens, you should get a copy.

The settlement website is going to be www.3Gdataplansettlement.com. Right now this website has not been set up yet and when you go there you may get information that says that there is no such website. However this is the website where you will be able to go to once it is set up for all your information and document needs. For example, this is where you will need to go to in order to file your claim form online. You will also be able to download the claim form if you do not want to submit online.

In addition, you will also be able to download copies of any of the court documents that you need. For example you will be able to get and download the Class Notice. You should also be able to get access to the Complaint and also the Agreement. The site will also have the Frequently Asked Questions page. This is the page that I like to go to in order to get information. For me reading the notice or motions or other legal documents can be extremely tedious. I have to dig through a whole bunch of legal language in order to find the answers to my questions. So when you go to the FAQ, then you can easily get the answers that you would have to wade through tons of legalese in order to get to.

Sometimes though even the information in the FAQ can be confusing. So if you are confused by anything that you find on the website, then you can call either the settlement administrator or even the class counsel. All that information should be available on the site. In addition, the notice will be made available in Macworld and also USA Today. It will be published once in each place.

A lot of information has not been decided on yet. One of them is the important dates for the case. You should abide by the important dates because if you miss these dates, then the legal action that you want to take will not be considered valid. This means that if you send the requests or documents late, then you will not be able to do what you want to do or get what you want to get. So do pay attention to that.

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