Westernunion.com/mymoneywise – Check Balance, Register, Add Money

Westernunion.com/mymoneywise – Check Balance, Register, Add Money

With a Western Union re-loadable debit card available at www.westernunion.com/mymoneywise, you can enjoy the benefits that a prepaid debit card has to offer. There are many ways to add money to the card and you can even check balance online. It is that type of convenience that I really appreciate when your day has so many demands. There are many benefits to having a prepaid debit card from Western Union.  The one thing that I like best about it is the security I feel having one.  Many people like to carry cash around with them, but I find that is dangerous.  Simply put, if you lose that money it is gone. Worse yet, if you are mugged, there is no way to get it back. From what I understand, that is not the case with a prepaid debit card.  If you lose that prepaid debit card, for all intents and purposes, it appears that your money that was on the card should be safe.  Also, there are times when you go to places and everyone pulls out a card.  There is a sense of cache associated with a card and I always felt out of place when I constantly had to write a check or pull out cash. 

From my experience, having to carry a check book with you and write a check was the worst.  Not only did it take a lot of time, it was also very awkward when a check would not be accepted.  But you don’t have to worry about that situation with a Western Union moneywise card available through the westernunion.com/mymoneywise site.  I truly believe you will feel relieved and liberated.  When I was using only cash, I felt like was constantly going to the bank to get the cash out.  Sometimes I would not have enough and that would create an awkward situation.  In addition to creating that unpleasant situation, I felt like I was spending more money in the process of using cash.  Simply put, I was required to have minimum balances on my checking account or I would get hit with a penalty fee.  Furthermore, every time I needed money, I had to travel to the bank which got to be expensive with gas prices being what they are. It just didn’t seem like a smart solution. 

If you know other people in the same boat or if you feel the same way I did, you might explore the westernunion.com mymoneywise page to see if this is a solution that is right for you.  It seams that you can sign up for a card right on their site.  Western Union even has the option to set up direct deposit.  To me that is an ideal arrangement.  I always dreaded having to take my check to a check cashing place before I could spend it.  However, with direct deposit to a prepaid card, it saves me an extra step every pay period.  It’s also good knowing that I have complete access to that pay check.  Let’s face it emergencies and happen and you can’t always plan for them.  If you only had a few dollars in your pocket, you might not be properly equipped to deal with the situation at hand.   However, knowing that you have access to all those directly deposited funds if need be is reassuring in my book. 

Once you have registered your Western Union prepaid MasterCard, you can easily manage your account via the westernunion.com/mymoneywise site. It is easy to use and it will simply your life in my opinion.  I also thing prepaid debit cards are great for children going off to school.  You can easily add money to their account when need be even if you are miles away.  They also like to have access to money and not have to carry cash with them every where they go. I think, as a parent, you will also feel better knowing they are not walking around carrying cash on a campus at night. 

The Western Union prepaid debit cards are so convenient.  There are however a few fees associated with them that you should be cognizant before agreeing to sign up for one.  However the fees that apply, in my opinion, are not draconian like I felt my old bank’s were. In addition, it is important to note that the old site www.westernunion.com/moneywise is disappearing and being replaced by the one noted above.  As a result, you will want to make a note of that for future reference.

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