Wendys.com/Football – Enter Code For Your Chance To Win, Play

Wendys.com/Football – Enter Code For Your Chance To Win, Play

If you just got your code at Wendy’s and you wondering if you are potentially an instant winner, then head to Wendys.com/Football to find out. There are many great prizes you could potentially win.  The process was easy enough to follow.  More importantly, I found it to be lots of fun. However, before every beginning any sweepstakes, I would encourage you to to read all the rules and regulations first.  The official rules spell out such things related to eligibility and prizes to name a couple.  I especially enjoyed reading this specific Wendy’s sweepstakes rules because I learned how one could potentially get a code without buying anything form them.  This sweepstakes, which I got a code for at Wendy’s when I bought my lunch, is of particular interest to me because I love football.  I also enjoy eating at Wendy’s, so it is a perfect match for me.  There are different ways to get codes, so maybe take a minute to familiarize yourself with the possibilities. I found my code on my drink cup.  

If you have a drink cup code you want to enter, you can do so on the wendys.com/football site.  Before I entered my code, I was asked to provide some information.  For example, I provided my name, birthdate, and email address.   They even gave me an opportunity to opt in for emails regarding upcoming promotions.   To me, this is important because I am one who always likes to be in the know and take advantage of a good promotion whenever they roll one out.  Once I signed in, I decided I was ready to play.  I located the my code on my cup and entered it into the specified box.  For what is is worth, I found my code on the side of my cup in a white box.  It was ten letters long too if I recall correctly. Entering the code in, I was hopeful that I would be a lucky instant winner.  Unfortunately, I was not, but I did get to play a fun game.  I was kicking footballs for a specific mark on the field.  I did pretty well on that challenge despite not being an instant winner.  I also never punted a football, but it was easy to do on the game.  I’m now motivated to try it out for real. 

If you know people that visit Wendy’s like me all the time, tell them about the sweepstakes.  Who knows, they might be a lucky winner and if they win a travel prize, they might take you with.  Other potential games that you could possibly play revolve around passing, kicking, blocking, and speed as you run down the field.  The latter was something I was always good at. It also appears that you can potentially build a team too and try your hand at climbing the leader board they have posted on the wendys.com football site. That is one thing my friends enjoy;  they like to compete against others as a team. In fact, I remember one year my friends and I played on a co-ed flag football team in school.  Many of us didn’t even know how to play the game.  In fact, I remember lining up against the opposing team and my good friend Pat asked the other player which direction we run.  The other playing was laughing so hard in disbelief.  Needless to say, even though we try to be competitive, we don’t always succeed.  In fact, I feel that we are better equipped to win sweepstakes than we are to win actual football games.  So enter code to win on the official website previously noted and good luck. 

Because I would like to earn more chances to win instantly and to play the fun games they have on the www.Wendys.com/football page, I’m going to go to to Wendy’s even more often than I do now.  I usually eat there twice a week.  In fact, I pick up my family’s dinner from there at least once a week.  Maybe I will get all my family members to see if they can try to win the sweepstakes. Again, remember, the rules state that there is no purchase necessary to get a code and they provide instructions on how to do this in their rules section. The one thing that you always have to get at Wendy’s is a frosty.  Yes, there hamburgers are awesome.  In fact, I love their new pretzel bun they have featured.  However, my all time favorite item on their menu will always be the frosty.  They are so tasty and make my meal complete. So now I have multiple reasons to go to Wendy’s.   First, I will want to go more often to get more codes to enter to win the sweepstakes and, second, I always know I will get delicious food I enjoy. 

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