– Try Joint Juice For 30 Days – $5 Rebate & $1.50 Coupon – Try Joint Juice For 30 Days – $5 Rebate & $1.50 Coupon

At the Joint Juice website at, you can try Joint Juice for 30 days.  Now you can save up to $5. You can get a $5 mail in rebate on 30 packs of Joint Juice.  You can also get a $1.50 coupon. You can get this on the 6 pack version. You will have to install the coupon printer if it is the first time you are printing coupons at this site. You will have to download and install the software. This  is needed in order to print out the barcodes. This will then be scanned at the store of your choice.

Joint Juice was created by Dr. Kevin Stone. This product will help you build strong bone cartilage.It allows the bone cartilage to absorb water and this lubricates the joints. That is why it is called Joint Juice. There are basically 3 products that you can use.  This is the carbonated drink, the water and the drink mix sachets. So if you would like to try this product, make sure you download the coupons at the Try Joint Juice site at

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