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If you are looking to get incredible Target Feed USA products and provide meals, then explore   From shirts to dishes to bags and more, you can make a difference with the items you buy.  The Feed USA + Target initiative is one that can make a world of difference.  It appears that each qualifying product you purchase will help provide a set number of meals to needy people.  No one should ever go hungry and I think this is an incredible way to be socially responsible.  The good news too is that you might even be helping some of your neighbors, as this program will help feed American families.  A lot of people don’t realize how big a problem hunger is.  There is a food bank that I drive by every day I go to work and I see the people always lining up there to get there food items when it is time for distribution.  Given all the people I have seen in the line over the years, I know my community has its share of those who are potentially going to bed at night hungry.  That is something adults and children should not have to endure.  

That is why I want to make a difference to help out those in need of food.  If you would like to make a difference and help the Feed USA campaign, head on over to the site to learn more.  They give an illustration of how purchasing select items could lead to over fifty meals.  I have always donated to food drives and to other organizations collecting food for the hungry.  However, this is an easy way to get involved.  More importantly, I feel you get some great items as well.  I am especially enamored with the cute v-neck tees they have in vibrant colors.  They also have the perfect accessories to go with them as well.  More importantly, the shirts promote the Feed concept.  To me, I think this is a spectacular way to get involved and make a difference for those who are starving.  I also like the fact that some items state Feed USA on them for all to easily see from a distance.  That not only declares to the world that I care and I want to make a difference, it does something more important.  Simply put, it gives me the opportunity to talk to others about the program going on and get them involved.  

The more people we get involved in the Feed USA program, the more meals we as participants can assist in providing.  When I was growing up as a child, I remember going to bed hungry many nights.  We always had a little something to eat, but I did not realize how dire our circumstances were.  Instead of telling us that we couldn’t afford much food some nights, my mom would make excuses that she burned the initial meal she cooked and that was all we had.  I would learn later in life that, unfortunately, that was not the case.  Another thing I did not know was that she would go to a food pantry run by a local organization to get stuff from time to time.  That is why I am so passionate about donating and helping out in anyway I can.  While my Dad eventually went back to work and eating normal sized meals became the norm, I have never forgotten.  

That is why I am personally going to get involved and buy things on the page.  It is truly a win-win situation as I see it.  I can use some new clothes and some accessories too.  The best thing about those qualifying items is that my purchase will translate into a meal.  One of my favorite items they have pictured is the Feed cap.  It is a nice way to send a message to all your friends and family that you got involved and care.  It gives you the opportunity to explain to others about the Target Feed USA program.  You might also want to buy specific Feed USA items to give as gifts.  That way you are in essence giving two gifts at the same time.  A person gets a wonderful item and a hungry person gets a meal.  You might even write in a personal note explaining the significance of the item to the recipient.  That, ideally, will make them love the present all the more. Another thing to keep in mind is that the items are all reasonably priced too.  As a result, you can get great items and make a contribution to the hungry at the same time.  I firmly believe that this will also become a fashion statement, as everyone will want to be seen wearing Feed branded apparel.  That is my hope because it is such a great cause. 

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