Www.WeightLossSettlement.com – Sensa Weight Loss Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Www.WeightLossSettlement.com – Sensa Weight Loss Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

If you bought Sensa Weight Loss system before August 21, 2012, you are eligible to take part in the Sensa Weight Loss Class Action Lawsuit Settlement which can be found at the www.WeightLossSettlement.com website. The problem is with the advertising. There wasn’t enough scientific evidence for the claims that it made. Apparently at the Sensa website you will find claim that you can lose 30 pounds or more without dieting. All you had to do was to sprinkle the product on your food before eating. That is all it took to lose weight. This is how the company claims it works. What the product does is to tell your brain to stop eating. Apparently the smell and taste receptors are supposed to send messages to your brain. The brains then tells your body that you are full. Apparently the product also has no stimulants or fat blockers. There are also no diuretics.

The company of course said that it had proper scientific research but decided to settle so as to prevent further litigation costs. The amount of the Sensa Weight Loss Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is $ 6 million. If you wish to take part in the settlement and get compensation, you can download the claim form at the settlement website at www.WeightLossSettlement.com. You will have to submit this by December 13, 2012. If it is submitted after the due date, it will not be entertained. If you decide that you do not want to take part in this settlement, then you can do that by submitting your written request to opt out by October 29, 2012. If you would like to object, you can also do so by October 29, 2012. Again you will have to submit your request in writing.

The Final Approval Hearing will be held on November 7, 2012 in Los Angeles. This is when the Court will decide whether the approve the settlement. The court will also decide if it is fair and adequate. The Court will also consider any objections at this time. Only those who have requested to speak at the FInal Approval Hearing can do so. Also during this hearing, the Court will decide on how much should be paid to the Class Counsel and the Class Representatives. If there are any appeals, these appeals will have to be taken care of before any payments can be made. Sometimes this process can take years.

There are two ways that you can submit your claim form. You can either download a personalized claim form and submit that via regular mail or you can submit your claim form online. In order to download the personalized one, you will have to enter some personal information like your first name, your last name, your country, your address, your city, your state and your zip. If you want to do this online however, you will need to enter your Purchaser ID and the Control number. You will be able to find these on the notice that you received either in the mail or in your email. Do not despair if you have neither of these numbers. You can request that online and they will be sent to your email address. You will first of all have to select your country. Then you will have to enter some personal information including your email. The numbers will be sent to this email address. This process of getting your numbers may take one business day so please be patient. Once you have received these numbers, you will be able to continue online at the settlement website.

If you need more information, make sure that you check out the FAQ. You can click on the FAQ on the top navigation bar. One of the common questions that people have is when you will get your payment. As I mentioned earlier, you will only receive your payment after the hearing on November 7, 2012. How long after depends on what happens at the hearing. You can keep checking this website to find out what is happening. The latest information on the proceedings will be provided to you. Another important and popular question that many people have is if you have lawyers and if you have to pay them. Yo will be able to find answers to those questions and lots more.

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