Www.pbcgov.com/papa – Palm Beach Property Taxes Online – Exemptions and Adjustments

Www.pbcgov.com/papa –  Palm Beach Property Taxes Online – Exemptions and Adjustments

Property Appraiser Public Access (PAPA) in Palm Beach County, FL is designed to make property appraisal research faster, easier and more enjoyable. The 2005 Webby Awards winning website, www.pbcgov.com/papa offers information tabs such as Record Search, Exemption E-Fine, Maps, Employment and many more. This website is updated regularly to keep visitors apprised of Palm Beach County real estate appraisal news.

Easy access to links to government agencies are just a mouse-click away. From the PAPA location, one can quickly access the Palm Beach County Clerk of the Courts or access the Taxing Authority List. This website also provides links to Property Appraiser News such as Homestead Filing Deadlines and Scholarship Applications. With information available in English, Creole, and Espanol, www.pbcgov.com/papa strives to be user-friendly. Like what you see? PAPA encourages the user to “let us know” in order to continually provide a website that improves to meet their needs.

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