Www.PayPal.com/Prepaid – PayPal Prepaid Card Activate/Reload

Www.PayPal.com/Prepaid – PayPal Prepaid Card Activate/Reload

It’s easy to activate your PayPal prepaid card or reload it on the www.PayPal.com/prepaid site.  Log in to see what your balance is or maybe add money to your existing account.  As a PayPal account holder, I encourage everyone to open an account, as it has made shopping online a pure joy.  Now with a PayPal prepaid Mastercard, you can use it at a myriad of locations including online and in person locales. If you don’t have a card, the process of getting one is easy.  I especially appreciate the ability to link the card to my existing PayPal account.  Another thing you might consider doing is setting up direct deposit to your card.  If you are like me, you are tired of bank charges and fees.  Often times, you get hit with charges by your institution that you were not expecting.  In addition, the challenge of putting money in to your account can be overwhelming.  When I was younger, I used to have a a personal checking account at my local bank and I always had to find a way to get over there to put money in my account during banker hours.  That didn’t work for me, as it seemed I was always working when they were open.  Even more frustrating were the days I had a check in hand, but couldn’t cash it until the following week.  

With a direct deposit arrangement to your PayPal, you can potentially avoid that hassle I endured on a weekly basis.  To get a card or learn more about the PayPal prepaid card, explore the www.paypal.com/prepaid site.  Another thing that you might learn there is that there are no overdraft charges.  That was one thing that used to humor me about my existing bank.  They would charge me money when they clearly knew I didn’t have any in my account.  Such overdraft fees do not appear to be assessed.  For me, that’s a wonderful thing. Also, I like the safety of having a PayPal debit card over carrying cash.  At the end of the day, if you lose your cash, it is probably forever gone.  However, there are protections in place with the card that are not in place for cash you carry in your purse or wallet.  Another thing I like is the fact that the monies on your card seem to be FDIC insured funds.  Please read the details that pertain to this and review the terms and conditions that surround other features germane to the official PayPal prepaid card on their website. 

The paypal.com prepaid card site also has a plethora of information about their services.  For example, I would strongly encourage those interested in a prepaid MasterCard through PayPal to read the frequently asked questions section. There you will find information about how to get a prepaid card, how much it costs, and even information on why you need to activate your card. The one thing I really appreciate about this service is that as a parent or guardian, it appears that I can obtain a secondary card for a minor child if certain conditions are met. They even provide a PayPal customer service number to assist in this endeavor.  To me, giving teenagers cash is too risky.  In my opinion, they always seem to lose it.  In addition, they always seem to spend it on things you didn’t want them to spend it on.  For example, you give them money to go buy supplies for school and they come home with a new game.  The one thing I like about PayPal is appears you can track the purchases.  To me, this would be a way I could track my child’s spending. Thus, if I sent him to go buy notebooks for class and he came home with something else, I could check the card to see its usage history. 

If you are wondering how do I activate my PayPal Mastercard, it is as simple as going to the Paypal.com/prepaid page and following the instructions. You will want to have your sixteen digit number nearby for this procedure.  Activating your card seems to let you use it at atms and will enable you to set up direct deposit for it.  Because you will most likely want to enjoy the full benefits of your new card, I would encourage you to complete this process as soon as you get the card. When activating your card, be prepared to provide pertinent information about yourself including such things as your birth date, social security number, name, and other relevant items. If you already have a card that is activated and you are wondering how to add money to my PayPal card, you will want to utilize the network they have established to reload your card.  There are many locations and it seems you can just text a zip code to a specific number to learn about nearby locations. You can also search for locations to reload your card on their homepage.  

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