PCH.com/enter – PCH Sweepstakes – Enter To Win It

PCH.com/enter – PCH Sweepstakes – Enter To Win It

Publishers Clearing House is giving you a chance to win their sweepstakes by entering via pch.com/enter.  If you have dreamed of being set for life, then the PCH sweepstakes might be for you. In fact, it appears that you could win a major prize that they call $5,000 A Week Forever. I feel that this would be the ultimate sweepstakes to win because it would provide for me and my family. Furthermore, it seems that you can also enter once a day up until the deadline.  Perhaps, you will be the lucky one who gets to enjoy the grand prize. The process of entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes is quick and easy in my opinion.  The one main thing to remember is to enter by the official deadline that is articulated in the rules. To enter, you begin by providing simple information like your name and address. They also requested additional information that was not hard to answer.  For example, they wanted to know your birth month, day, and year. Furthermore, I provided my email address as well. When you complete this information, you are also able to opt in to other PCH opportunities that were listed.  With that section complete, I then moved on to the PCH Scratch section. 

The Scratch section was a lot of fun, as I got to see a coin reveal different prizes I could potentially win.  In addition to that section, I also visited via the PCH.com/enter site an area where I could conceivably order different magazines that I enjoy at great prices. With so many great titles to choose from, it would be hard to pick just one. In fact, given the choices and the savings they offered, I wanted them all.  If you don’t wish to purchase any of their offerings, you do not have to.  Simply stated, a purchase is not required to enter or to win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. But if I did win, I would probably buy many of their offerings every year as a way to say thank you.  My mother enjoys reading magazines and I saw several that she would definitely love to receive as a gift.  Perhaps, you could do some holiday shopping on the PCH page while you submit your entry. 

Every time I visit the PCH.com enter page, I get lost in revere.  I dream what all I would do with the cash I could potentially win.  One of things that I would definitely enjoy doing is giving away a good portion to charity.  There are so many charities that could benefit from generous donations that I would like to help fill that void.  In addition to helping others, if I won the PCH Sweepstakes, I would buy a house for my mother.  Then, I would pay off a lot of debt that I have accumulated over the years.  While I can dream about how I would spend the PCH huge prize, one can’t win it unless they enter and comply with all the rules and regulations germane to it. 

Before entering the PCH sweeps, you should probably take some time to review the official rules that govern it.  You can easily access those rules on the www.pch.com/enter page. Personally reading them, I found them enthralling. For example, they list the estimated chance of winning the big prize and other prizes.  They appear to be high odds, but my thought is that you can’t win if you don’t enter.  The best thing I read in the rules was that all entries possess an equal chance of being the winner. So you have every reason to give it a shot.  You might also want to tell all your friends and family members how to enter.  After all, if they enter and win because of you, they just might thank you with a portion of their winnings.  It would be an incredible experience to see their prize patrol rolling up to your house.  I know that I would think that it has got to be for someone else and would probably faint if the PCH people and their camera crew came to my door.  In addition, I dread that if they ever do come to my house, it will be when I have just awakened. Specifically, I fear they will come to my door with that huge PCH check and I will answer it with pajamas on, hair curlers in, and a beauty mask still stuck to my face.  Then again, if they are there to tell me I’ve won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, I’m sure I won’t really care what I look like at that point in time. 

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