– Red Baron IM3 Ticket Offer – Free Movie – Red Baron IM3 Ticket Offer – Free Movie

If you love Iron Man, then you will love the opportunity to potentially get a free IM3 movie ticket through the promotion noted on The process is quite simple as all you have to do is collect codes from packages of Red Baron, Pagoda Express, Freshetta, or Tony’s that are specially marked.  Then, once you have your codes you can redeem the on the Red Baron IM3 ticket offer page. I personally love Red Baron pizza and I eat them all the time as a snack.  For special occasions, I will also serve Freschetta. But now, it appears that I can get more than a great meal or snack when I purchase specially marked boxes of these items.  Simply put, I can conceivably get a free Iron Man 3 ticket if I adhere to the requirements and the special rules of the offer.  You might review the official rules for yourself, so that you are fully aware of what might be expected of you.   I like the fact that I can potentially get a free Iron Man 3 ticket for doing what I always do – that is eating Red Baron and Ton’y Pizza.  

If you are on a tight budget, this might be a great opportunity from two standpoints.  First, I always feel I get quality food and great value when I buy Red Baron pizza.  More importantly it is easy to prepare and everyone loves it.  In fact, on the site, you can sign up to receive from them offers and news. You can also find out where you can buy the product you love.  Sometimes you just get those cravings that you have to have.  In fact, I like to use the tool on their page that helps me locate the item I want.  Believe it or not, you can search by zip code and product type.  For example, I was craving a classic pizza that came with sausage and pepperoni, but I was in a place I didn’t know all that well.  I entered in the zip code of the location I was in and I not only found five locations nearby, I also was provided with a map to help me get to them.  Not only did I get my pizza I was craving, I also learned about the Red Barron IM3 ticket offer.  With one box that is specially marked for this promotion with its unique code, I am one step closer to getting that free movie ticket. 

If you already have the codes necessary, it appears that you can enter them on  Also, it seems on that site you can also check your status.  I am so excited about the new movie that I hope to get to see it the first week it comes out.  In fact, I think IM3 will be the movie everyone talks about this year.  It also looks like it will be available for viewing in movie theaters on May 3.  One thing you might keep in mind is that this free ticket offer seems not to apply towards 3d movie showings.  Also, it appears that the free movie ticket offer requires one to be at least 18 years of age and it seems like you get a certificate to use.  Finally, it is important to note also that it stipulates that this offer is available while supplies last.  Thus, if you have all your codes that you need to take advantage of this promotion, don’t delay in redeeming them.  

In reading over some of the rules, you should note that you will not get any change back if your ticket is under twelve dollars.  If you have questions, I found that on the page they had a contact section.  What I liked about this section was that you could submit a question or comment right online just by completing the form.  In addition, they provided a phone number that you could call during hours of operation.  I must admit that I would like to call and ask them what their secret is for making such incredibly delicious pizza that my entire family raves about.  You can also access from their page their television spots.  I think they are very professional and they always make me want to fix another Red Baron pizza. If your friends don’t know that they could potentially get a free Iron Man 3 ticket, then take the time to tell them about this special offer.  The way I see it, if you get a free ticket to IM3, you will have more money to spend on refreshments for you and your friends. Then again, you might just use the money you could save by not having to buy an IM3 ticket to buy more pizza and enjoy it after the show.

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