Christmas Decorating Ideas – The HGTV Holiday House Inspires

Christmas Decorating Ideas – The HGTV Holiday House Inspires

Get great holiday house decorating ideas from your friends at HGTV by exploring the pictures and videos presented on  The ideas are inspirational and and I look forward to trying many of these Christmas decorating ideas.  One of my favorite ideas that I would like to try this year, and perhaps you might too, is the beautiful white Christmas tree.  I saw it featured in one of the videos and I was instantly in love with it.  It looked so sophisticated and classy. I just never had the idea to decorate a Christmas tree in whites, grays, and silvers.  It just looked like something from a winter wonderland and that would be a wonderful edition to any place.  In fact, I think it will transform my space in to the festive holiday home I long for. In fact, I would imagine that if I am successful in pulling off that look with my Christmas tree decorating, my friends and family will be impressed.  They will probably ask me if I had professionals come in and decorate my house for the season.   I’ll just tell them I was inspired by my friends at HGTV and their holiday house.

If you are not familiar with this network, you should definitely check them out on TV or online.  If you wondering how do I decorate my house for Christmas, they have you covered.   Take a few minutes and see for yourself by examining the site.  The Christmas decorating ideas will most likely inspire you, as it has inspired me, to go all out this year.  Another thing in addition to the white Christmas tree and the matching, wrapped packages was the calendar idea.  It is a must see and a beautiful accent to an already stunning home.  It reminded me of the advent calendars I had growing up. The unique materials it was constructed off lends itself to the fun surprises of the season.  Check out the videos they have and you will understand why I am enamored with the design ideas generated by the truly creative and talented people at HGTV.   I try to do a lot of things I have seen on their network and I feel it has truly transformed my house into an inviting home.  In fact, when people visit, they don’t want to leave.  Some people even tell me that they feel like they are in an exquisite hotel.  

I appreciate the compliments, but I do it for myself and for their enjoyment.  I have been telling everyone to check out the holiday house and try implementing at least some of the items they find there.  However, if you are like me, you will want to do them all.  I just can’t stop with one room.  I like to do each room and then move outside.  In fact, when I started doing Christmas decorations at my house, I started about two weeks before Christmas.  Now,  my tradition is to begin decorating the day after Thanksgiving.  However, I start my planning in advance.  I think it is important to come up with your ideas and obtain the necessary materials so that you can delve in to the creative fun when the time rolls around.   In fact, I started tonight on the table runner idea that was featured in one of the videos I watched there.  Here is my advice to you if you are hesitant to take on such projects.  Start with small ones that you like and move on to the bigger ones.  I personally got a boost in confidence when my first holiday decorating projects turned out successful and I soon moved on to bigger house decoration endeavors.

One Christmas decorating idea that I think you should explore on the page is the wreath with the pictures in frames.  That was such a stunning piece in my opinion and something that we all could easily do.  I really personally liked it because it was something I have never tried before.  More importantly, it will be personal to me, my family, and friends because of all the pictures I place on it.   I would have never thought to do such a thing on my own and I am glad the HGTV holiday house inspired me to do this project.  I also, personally, plan to make it a family event.  Simply put, I am going to decorate the wreathe and get it in place.  Then, I plan on taking the pictures and putting them in frames with hangers on them.   Next, I will wrap them up and give them as the first gift to all my family members.  Finally, I plan to have each friend and family member unwrap their picture and hang it on the wreathe one by one.  I feel this will be a nice way to start the gift giving and a way to foster conversations and interaction.  Get inspired to decorate your place for Christmas and try something new.

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You can find out how to decorate your house for the holidays at the site. You will get ideas not only on Christmas decorations but also on entertaining ideas. One of the ideas is mason jar chandelier. It is amazing to find this idea here because my friend and I were just talking about it the other day. Somehow we were talking about creative ways of decorating. Actually the conversation started with me telling her that I had not bought any Christmas gifts this year as I was so broke. Usually I would start really early. However, this year I have nothing. She then told me that every year she becomes really creative and creates here own gifts. One of them was mason jar lights. I had never heard about that before. But she said she got the idea online.

So if you have heard about these mason jar lights, then you can go to the site to find out how you can create the lights. You will find a list of the materials that you need. Then once you have all the materials then you will have to lay out the frame. The instructions will tell you exactly how to do this. When you have done that then you will have to drill the holes in the frame. Then you will have to cut the rope and attach the rope to the frame. You will then attach the c-hooks. This will be for the votives. Then you will add the wires to the mason jars. Once the mason jars are ready, you will then put votives in the jars and hang the jars on the c-hooks. Then you can make the frame look better by adding tree branches or Christmas tree trimmings.

There are also great ideas for decorating the porch. Again you can use tree cuttings to decorate it. I am actually a very bad decorator. I usually have to find pictures of decorations that I like and then duplicate it. A friend of mine always gets invited to a wreath creating party that she never attends. I always try to make him go so that I can tag along. However, I have not been able to convince him yet. I would love to go because i need those lessons. I do not know how to make a wreath and I just can’t seem to be able to do it on my own. Mine always looks so bad.  When you go to the HGTV Holiday House website, you will find out how to create a wreathe. You will also learn how to add other decorations. There are some great ideas here that you can use. You do not have to do everything. But you can pick and choose what you would like to do.

Now when it comes to the Christmas tree, all I can do is put it up. Even that is a struggle. Then I have no idea how to make it look pretty. Now my friend’s Mom usually has a polished looking tree. It always looks like she paid a ton of money for someone to come and make it look nice. I guess you need to have a flair for it. I have to find a picture of copy of course. Even then it never turns out right. So if you are also struggling to come up with ideas, the site will give you some options. I have always wanted to do an all white tree. If you would rather have some color, you can always add splashes of color of course. My friend’s mom always had a theme. One year she had a blue and white time. The blue was the palest shade. Almost icy blue. And it was stunning of course.  If you do not have too many ornaments to decorate your tree with, try making them. Again the site gives you some great ideas on making ornaments. I always thought you would have to make them with objects. I never knew you can make edible ornaments. The cookie dough ones are pretty neat. I also like the snow globe. The fabric scrap balls can add some unique elements to your tree too. So there are many ways that you can decorate your house.

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