– Nintendo Support for Wii, 3DS and DS: Customer Service – Nintendo Support for Wii, 3DS and DS: Customer Service

Get all the help you need for your Nintendo Wii, 3DS, DS, GAmeboy,  and GameCube.   On,  you easily fix your technical difficulty by looking up error codes.  There is an easy to use box for this purpose.  If your device is showing that code, just simply enter it into the box to see what needs to be resolved or what the issue is.  Also, there is a place to follow up on your repair order.   Simply enter the lookup repair # in the box and you can obtain information on your pending repair.  To help you navigate the different areas and find what you are looking for, I would encourage you to thoroughly read the frequently asked questions about repair orders.   You can also obtain warranty information and other trouble shooting or repair insights.  There is even a section for ordering parts.  You will need a part order number to look it up though on the Nintendo support page.

Perhaps, you have questions about repair or operating a Nintendo NES system or Super Nintendo (snes) system, this extensive site will help you address your repair or customer service issues.  The page even has a manuals section for those who might want to investigate an issue on their own.  You can even access the Nintendo online store from this page.   There you can buy all of your favorite gaming products.  Parents can also obtain additional information that might help them make decisions about how and when their children use the games they have.   A master games list also let’s you see what is available for game play in the Nintendo gaming world.

If you are a geek like me and enjoy the technical.  Peruse the the technical support forums.  Even if you are not experiencing problems, you will be amazed at wall all you learn.  In fact, you might learn something that you will eventually need to know to fix your nintendo wii or nintendo 3DS system.  Everyone in the room will think you are a genius when you immediately realize you know how to address the issues.  Most of the time, by issues is that I have unplugged the unit or thrown and shattered my wii controller.  I guess I get a little to excited about my nintendo gaming experiences.  Then again, that’s why I feel they are the most enjoyable games.  They get me and my family involved in the gaming experience.   Wii fit even keeps me in shape.  Who would have originally thought that gaming was such a beneficial activity.

There is even a special section listed on for Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword game. Check out what Wii support has to say on the official site.  This also might be a good resource for parents who are trying to set up toys for their children.  Let’s face it, all of us parents are not as technologically savvy and we can use all the help we can get. helps you navigate the gaming issues you might be experiencing. You can even access important information about club nintendo.   For example, learn about joining, usernames, and passwords.   You can also learn about managing your club nintendo account.  While there, check out the free warranty extension faq as well.

Be sure to read up on reward orders, screensaver rewards and elite status while visiting the official site.  As a helpful note, you do not want to forget the period and type, as this will not take you to the official website for nintendo.  Avoid gaming headaches by getting the answers you need all in one spot.  You will feel even more comfortable navigating your nintendo gaming system after you have read these free materials.

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