– Starbucks Card – Check Balance and Reload It – Starbucks Card – Check Balance and Reload It

Check the balance on your Starbucks card online or reload it online so that you can earn rewards.  It only takes a second and you can see if you have a enough for a tall, grande, or venti cofee the next time you stop by your favorite coffee house.  You can even get exciting new cards too.  Starbucks are featuring a year of the Dragon Card.  You can even buy a card online.  Also, you can use the site to register a card.  Registering is a good idea cause you can start to earn rewards.  There are many different Starbucks rewards that you can earn.

In addition to checking the balance on your Starbucks Coffeehouse card online, you can learn about the different coffee bean blends that are brewing.  I didn’t realized that coffees come from so many diverse places.  For example, some of the coffee comes from Latin America and other coffee comes from Africa.  To learn more about their coffee beans, check out the official site  Also, using that website can provide you with a menu.  That way you can shop from the comfort and convenience of you computer.  I like using that feature because I can take orders from my family without having to take all of them with me to the shop.  After all, I think we all enjoy the serenity of a Starbucks coffee visit.

If you haven’t tried their bakery items or sandwiches, they make for a great pairing with coffee.  Especially delicious, are the Starbucks banana bread and the cookies.  I’ve even had rice and marshmellow treats there in the past which were delightful.  Be sure to use your starbucks card when you do make your purchase to ensure you get properly rewarded. If you are more hungry, try one of the great sandwiches they have.  The egg salad sandwiches they serve are my favorite.  My second favorite is the turkey.  They are often located in a cooler by the register, so they are easy to grab and eat on the run if you are in a hurry.  I like to grab two, as you never know how late you are going to work and it’s nice to have an extra sandwich on hand.

When on the go in a new town for business, I always use the find a location section.  This will help you find a Starbucks close by to your current location.   Another great feature on the page under the menu section is the nutritional information listing.  Another special feature if you are more technologically sophisticated than I am, is to get the Android App.  You can use your Starbucks App on your android based phone to pay for your order.  In addition, you can track your reward stars, and check the balance on your card.  You can even send an starbucks eGift to someone as a way to say thanks.  I love using my card because I can earn rewards.  Quite simply, qualifying purchases will earn you stars.  Stars will then accrue toward free drinks.

So get online and manage your card.  Keep track of your stars and check out how close you are to getting rewarded.  Also, get a festive card to coincide with an event or holiday.  Cards also make great gift ideas for holidays and birthdays too.  If you have employees, their gift cards are a very nice way of saying thank you for hard work.  We all love Starbucks coffee and what better way to be rewarded than with a great latte or iced tea even.  Then, sit down and enjoy the ambience and the great music they have playing as you sip your beverage of choice.  You can even check out headlines on for their latest reports.

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