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If you need stamps, you no longer have to drive to the nearest Post Office which may be a couple of miles away. You can actually buy stamps online at This is postage on demand and you will be abel to buy US postage and print it from the website. Right now there is even a special offer that you can take advantage of. The special offer has a value of $100. You will get $45 in postage. In addition you will get a digital scale. The value of the digital scale is $50. Furthermore, you will get $5 supplies kit. This is a 4 week trial. You will have to use the $5 free postage during this time.

With the special offer at the website, you will also get $40 in postage coupons. You will be able to redeem the free postage coupons after 30 days. This will only be the first $10 though. Then you will be able to redeem the next $10 after 60 days. Then after 90 days you can redeem the next $10 in postage. Finally you will be able to redeem the last $10 in 120 days. If you decide that you want this service after the 120 day period, you will have to pay $15.99 a month for the service at

However do not worry if you do not want to continue with the service. You can cancel at anytime if you feel that this is not for you. I am always frustrated that I have to go to the Post Office just to get some stamps. So this is a good solution. You will need to create an account though. This is really easy to do however. All you need to do is enter some required information. The reason you have to provide your name, your telephone number and your street address is because you will get a virtual postage meter based on this information. This will be your identification number basically.  You also do not have to worry about entering personal information on this website because it has SSL encryption so your personal information should be secure.

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